Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs from A to Z

Disney Springs may not be an official theme park, but it certainly has nearly as much to see and do. In fact, there’s so much to do in this amazing shopping complex that you may want to allow yourself an entire day to explore. Wondering what you should expect from this Disney attraction? Below is an A-to-Z list of what you might see during your visit.


Looking to catch a movie? The AMC in Disney Springs is the perfect place to do just that. Featuring lower prices in the mornings and on Tuesdays, as well as the option of “dine-in” movies, you’re sure to find something to fit your style and budget at this theater.

B – Bowling

Another classic way to pass the time, bowling is also a great option for something to do while in Disney Springs. The Splitsville bowling alley is an excellent place to knock down some pins as you enjoy a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

C – Christmas Trees

If you enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit, you’ll love visiting Disney Springs during the holiday season. One particularly great holiday addition to the Springs is the Christmas Tree Trail. This fun little trail features a variety of trees decorated to represent classic Disney movies.

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D – Disney Store

Did you know that Disney Springs is home to the largest Disney Store in the world? This store is known as World of Disney and is the perfect shopping destination for Disney lovers of all ages. Be sure to stop by and browse this incredible collection of Disney merchandise.

E – Edison

The Edison is one of the newest additions to Disney Springs and it is fabulous. A restaurant by day and a club by night, the whole building is outfitted in a steampunk theme that we just can’t get enough of. On top of all that, there is an amazing fictional backstory behind the restaurant that everyone should make a point of looking up before going.

F – Fashion

As mentioned earlier, Disney Springs is a shopping complex. Therefore, you can expect to find some pretty good shopping there. Some of the best shops are clothing and accessory stores such as Cherry Tree Lane and Ever After Jewelry Co. Be sure to check them out and find your newest look!

G – Great Music & Dancing

One thing that Disney Springs has plenty of is entertainment. One of our favorite places to check for entertainment is at Raglan Road, where there is almost always live Irish music and often Irish dancing as well. Of course, House of Blues also has great music offerings, as do both Bongos and The Edison.

H – Helium Balloon

For a truly novel experience, head over to the AĂ©rophile helium-filled balloon. Provided the weather is nice, guests can hop in and fly high over Disney Springs, enjoying an amazing view of Disney property.

I – Italian Water Taxi

Another novel experience is an Italian water taxi ride. This, along with a few other boat ride options—including an amphicar—can be found near the BOATHOUSE restaurant. Find a boat that suits your tastes and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

J – Jungle Dining

Have you ever dined next to a gorilla? We’re guessing not. Why not have a meal at Rainforest Cafe and do just that? Here you can eat among animatronic animals and enjoy regular rainstorms as you dine. Prefer dinosaurs? Rainforest Cafe’s sister restaurant, T-Rex, is equally cool and well worth a visit if you have a dinosaur lover in your party.

K – Kiddie Rides

If you’ll be visiting the parks during your trip, it’s pretty likely you won’t feel the need to ride even more rides on your Disney Springs day. That said, kids can never get enough of the rides. That’s why there is a train and a carousel for the little ones to enjoy.

L – Landing

One of the four sections of the shopping complex, The Landing is the transportation hub and marina of the fictional town of Disney Springs. Here you’ll find nautical restaurants as well as plenty of boats.

M – Marketplace

The Marketplace is another of the four sections. This area is focused on shopping and includes an enormous variety of shops and eateries. All are built in the American craftsman style of the 1930s.

N – Nightlife

Many people think Disney is just for kids, but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, Disney Springs is home to some of the best nightlife in Orlando. With a variety of clubs and bars to choose from, you’re sure to find your kind of nighttime hang out.

O – Original Merchandise

Much of the merchandise found in Disney Springs cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For this reason, if you see something you like, you’ll probably want to pick it up right away or risk never seeing it again.

P – Polar Bear

Head into the Coca-Cola store for some fun Coke-themed merchandise and a super cuddly friend. You see, the Coca-Cola polar bear likes to hang out in this shop, and he’s always up for some fun and a photo.

Photo Credit: Disney

Q – Quality Shopping

Just as there are plenty of unique items found in the shops at Disney Springs, you can also rest assured you’ll find high quality items. Brands known for their quality make themselves at home in this shopping complex, which means you’ll have no trouble at all finding such favorites as Under Armor, Ugg, and Alex and Ani.

R – Races

In the mood to build something awesome and then test its skills on the racetrack? The LEGO Store is the place for you. In this shop, there are car building stations set up along with a LEGO car racetrack. Kids can spend hours here building and racing their very own cars.

S – Shows

As mentioned before, Disney Springs is full of entertainment. The live music at restaurants is great, but you’ll also want to check out the live performances on the main stage. Here you’ll find dancing and music groups of all kinds.

T – Town Center

The third of the four areas of Disney Springs, Town Center is—according to the story—where the fictional town of Disney Springs began. It features the Spanish Revival architecture of the 1920s, as well as the namesake “springs” which are artificial.

U – Unique Dining

We already mentioned a few of the unique dining experiences you can have in Disney Springs. That said, there are dozens more, and many of those definitely deserve a mention. Be sure to try:

  • Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming
  • Raglan Road

V – Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is also an option when visiting Disney Springs. At The VOID, you can step into Disney movies and actually interact with the characters using cutting edge VR technology. How cool is that?

Photo Credit: DisneyParksBlog

W – West Side

The final of the four areas is West Side. According to the fictional history of the town of Disney Springs, this area is the town’s exposition center and was built in the 1950s.

X – eXcellent Artwork

A super fun store to check out is The Art of Disney. Here you’ll find all kinds of amazing art pieces, and each and every one is inspired by Disney. Need new decor for your home? This is the place to be.

Y – Yummy Sweets

Sweet treats are everywhere you turn in this vacation hub. Be sure to stop in at Sprinkles to try one of their amazing baked treats and try out their cupcake ATM. Of course, Ghirardelli is also a must, especially since they hand out free chocolate samples!

Z – Zero Dollars

Perhaps the very best thing about Disney Springs is the fact that there is no admission fee or parking fee. That means you can spend an entire day here and spend absolutely nothing. That said, we do recommend budgeting at least a little because you’ll almost certainly want to eat and shop.

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