Ride Crash Update: Universal Guest’s Condition Remains Critical

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Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a popular entertainment destination located in Los Angeles, California, known best for its thrilling rides, immersive attractions, behind-the-scenes studio experiences, and popular worlds such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

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Guests to Universal Studios Hollywood are treated to a diverse array of experiences suitable for all ages. One of the highlights is the Studio Tour, where guests embark on a tram ride through the studio’s working backlot. Along the way, they encounter famous movie sets, iconic landmarks like the Bates Motel from Psycho (1960), and immersive 3D experiences featuring iconic characters such as King Kong, Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Fast & Furious.

A black-and-white still from the film "king kong" showing the giant ape clutching the cables of a bridge while menacing a crowded tram car against a nighttime city backdrop.

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

Last night, a distressing incident unfolded at Universal Studios Hollywood, resulting in injuries to 15 individuals aboard a tram during a studio tour. Emergency responders rushed to Universal Studios Hollywood around 9:05 p.m. following reports from the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Inside the Magic previously covered this incident, and now there are more details to report.

A couple happily posing in front of the universal studios glamour tram, with a picturesque backdrop featuring lush greenery and a vintage-style building under a clear sky.

Credit: Universal

Upon arrival, authorities discovered 15 individuals with various degrees of injuries at the crash site involving a studio tour tram. Fortunately, most of the injuries were minor, though one person among the 15 sustained “moderate” injuries, requiring medical attention, with at least four individuals subsequently transported to the hospital.

In response to inquiries, a spokesperson for Universal Studios Hollywood conveyed to KTLA that there indeed was an incident involving the tram at the theme park, resulting in multiple minor injuries, as confirmed by the LA County Fire Department. Efforts are underway to provide support to the affected guests and ascertain the circumstances surrounding the accident.

The California Highway Patrol has initiated an investigation into the incident, with updates forthcoming.

An update from LA Daily News quoted Maria Abal, a lieutenant with LASD, stating that a four-car tram used for the theme park’s studio backlot tours collided with a railing due to a brake issue. One report indicated that one guest is currently in “critical condition.”

Orlando Theme Park Zone shared a viral video of the Tram being stuck in the doors of the stage. This accident happened earlier on the same day; a tram encountered an issue when the doors of a soundstage closed while it was passing through.

While this is a freak accident at Universal Studios Hollywood, this accident serves as a vital learning opportunity for continuously improving safety standards and protocols across all aspects of park operations.

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