Universal Studios Rep Finally Explains Why Top Attraction Continues to Be Mysteriously Closed

universal studios orlando islands of adventure
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One of Universal Studios Orlando‘s most popular attractions was shuttered on Tuesday with no explanation, and on Wednesday morning, the ride was still non-operational. There’s been no word on the reason for the attraction’s seemingly unplanned-for closure, and there is still no indication from Universal about whether or when the ride might once again reopen.

Now, however, a representative with Universal Studios Florida has given some clarification about the closure and about the mystery surrounding its potential for reopening.

universal orlando islands of adventure

Credit: Universal Parks and Experiences

A Mysterious Closure

On Tuesday morning, guests at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park stepped through the gates and were welcomed by a very unwelcome announcement: the guest-favorite Jurassic World Velocicoaster roller coaster attraction was inoperable, and there were no plans to reopen the ride for the remainder of the day.

The thrill ride, inspired by Jurassic World (2015), takes guests on a thrilling journey as they speed through the jungle, soar high about the ground, and hold on tight for a high-speed “dash” through the paddock where voracious velociraptors await. As part of the experience, guests are on the hunt as they race alongside the raptors, as the coaster twists and turns over the land and water.

Though Jurassic World Velocicoaster is currently closed, other theme park attractions at Universal, as well as Universal CityWalk remain open, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park River Adventure, attractions inside Universal’s new Minions Land, and others.

Minion Land at Universal Orlando

Credit: Discover Universal

The sudden closure of the coaster attraction inspired by the Jurassic Park film series quickly became the topic of discussion on social media and fan sites as many wondered why it was closed, and others opined about the reasons for the unavailability of the ride.

Ashley Carter, a news journalist with Orlando’s MyNews13, reached out to Universal Studios, but even she was met with less than forthcoming information. Per a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday afternoon, she was only told that technical difficulties were involved in the Velocicoaster’s sudden sick day.

One fan commented about the closure of the Velocicoaster on Tuesday, saying it has become a common occurrence at Universal.

“I go to Universal at least two times a week, and there are not many days it doesn’t have downtime,” he wrote. “Usually, it’s not for long, but it’s definitely not an open-to-close running coaster. Dare I say this, but these days, Hagrid’s is usually running better.

velocicoaster at universal studios islands of adventure

Credit: Universal Parks and Experiences

Same Song, Second Verse

On Wednesday morning, visitors to Universal’s Islands of Adventure were met with the same announcement, as the Velocicoaster still had not reopened to guests. As had been the case on Tuesday morning, there was no real explanation for the ride’s status and no word on a potential reopening date or time.

universal screenshot of app showing closure of velocicoaster

Credit: Screenshot/Universal Studios Orlando app

Though there have been no official announcements from Universal Studios Orlando Resort about the closure and the reasons for it, one guest claims that a team member at Islands of Adventure explained that a recent incident led to the unforeseen closure.

“We Just Don’t Know”

DisneyDining reached out to Universal directly on Wednesday to inquire about the closure.

In speaking with a guest services representative at Universal Orlando Resort, we learned that the Velocicoaster is closed to undergo maintenance, but the representative clarified that this is not scheduled maintenance, and it appears that a scenario necessitating the ride’s closure and maintenance happened suddenly.

velocicoaster at night at universal orlando's islands of adventure park

Credit: Universal Parks and Experiences

The representative further said that the current closure has to do with Universal’s dedication to making “sure the ride is safe.” He added that the ride could open “in the next ten minutes,” later in the day, etc., saying that they “just don’t know” when the ride will reopen to guests.

Guests visiting Universal’s Islands of Adventure Park can reach out to guest services by dialing (407) 224-4233.

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