Top 5 Places To Have A Picnic Lunch In Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World

Tom Sawyer Island
Credit: DisneyDining

Many guests enjoy the luxury of eating at Walt Disney World’s many restaurants. Some guests choose a full service restaurant and others prefer a quick serve option. But, there is a third option that does not occur to many people. Bring your own picnic lunch! Disney World is one of the few theme parks across the country that, with a few restrictions, lets guests bring in their own food. There are many advantages to bringing your own food and finding your own little spot to enjoy. With my family of six, even a quick serve meal can get expensive quickly. Not to mention the stress of the crowds, standing in line, finding a table and the valuable time it takes. But where can one go to enjoy their own food? Below you will find the Top 5 Places to Have a Picnic Lunch at the Magic Kingdom!

5. Rapunzel’s Village

At the base of Rapunzel’s tower, between It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion you will find Rapunzel’s Village. While there is no official ride or attraction, you will find one of the best themed set of restrooms located here. Just outside these restrooms is a small section of tables and chairs – or should I say tables and barrels. That’s right, you can have a seat on a barrel. This little area with convenient restrooms and stroller parking makes a great location for lunch. Want to know a little secret? Some of the barrels you are sitting on have a hidden door. Open up that door and you’ll find an A/C outlet for your phone and other electronic devices! When you are done eating your just around the corner for your next attraction.

4. Brick Walkway on the Seven Seas Lagoon

Take a step just outside the gates of the Magic Kingdom for our number 4 location, the brick walkway on the Seven Seas Lagoon. Many guests don’t know this area exists. Walk toward the small ferry dock as if you are going to board the boat to the Grand Floridian, but keep going. This brick walkway continues past the dock and travels between the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Monorail. The original plans for this walkway was to be able to travel on foot between the Magic Kingdom and the Grand Floridian, but it was never complete. Guests can walk to the end of this path where it eventually dead-ends. But you don’t have to walk all the way to the end to find that perfect picnic location. You won’t find any tables and chairs out here, but if you don’t mind spreading out on a blanket, you won’t find any better view as you enjoy your lunch while watching watercraft traverse the lagoon.

3. Outside Pete’s Silly Side Show

Located at one of the far-reaching corners of the park behind Casey’s Soak Station is the entrance to Pete’s Silly Side Show. Inside you’ll find a meet and greet location for Goofy and Donald as well as Minnie and Daisy. As you stand facing the entrance to the large circus tents, turn around and look behind you. It’s a great spot for a bite to eat! Back in this corner was a former location for fast pass kiosks. Since they have been removed, this quiet corner is even quieter. You will find a great rest area with tables and chairs covered with umbrellas. Ah, yes, shade! Up until recently you could also find some comfy, padded lounge furniture under the unused open-air tent, but it looks like they have removed most of that furniture. Instead, it makes for an unofficial place for young kids to run around and burn some energy while mom and dad finish up their food. Nearby restrooms can be found just down the steps at the train station.

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2. The Hub at Main Street

Since the recent renovation and expansion to the hub in front of Cinderella Castle, there are two wonderful locations that make for a great picnic lunch with an outstanding view! This is essentially one location split into two sections. One section is near Casey’s Corner and the other near The Plaza Restaurant. Inside this fenced area you’ll find clean, artificial turf which means no dirt and no bugs! While this place can get crowded, especially during a parade or for fast pass people during Wishes, most of the time you’ll only find a handful of people playfully relaxing and sometimes even napping! Here is another secret: choose the section in front of the plaza restaurant. If you happen to be there at the right time, you just might see one of your favorite characters nearby for a meet and greet where you could be the first in line!

1. Tom Sawyer Island

If you have ever boarded one of the rafts to cross the Rivers of America to Tom Sawyer Island, you will know the sensation of feeling like you’re stepping into another era of time. On the island there used to be a dining option known as “Aunt Polly’s Dockside Inn” where one could get some food. Aunt Polly’s has been closed a long time and only opens on extremely rare conditions when the park is at it’s fullest. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to use the only picnic tables that can be found in the entire park. You’ll enjoy your meal in quiet solitude. If you pick the right spot you can watch the Liberty Square Riverboat round the island. There is plenty of shade and hidden coves to help you catch your breath and relax. When you are done, be sure to check out the caves, mill and other neat sights in this unique location.

Have you eaten a picnic lunch at any of these locations? Tell us your favorite and include those we missed! We are waiting to hear from you!

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