Top 5 Baby Care Center Questions

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Taking a baby or toddler to Walt Disney World can be a daunting task just based on the amount of stuff they require (both in and out of the parks). While I recommend a well packed backpack or baby bag with multi-tasking necessities, you should know that Disney also has Baby Care centers in all four theme parks to help make it a little easier. I am often asked about the centers by families with young children, here are the top 5 questions I hear (with the answers):


5. What facilities are available in the Baby Care Centers?

Each one varies slightly, and some are larger (and nicer than others). They all have places to change diapers—and these are much better than the ones you will find in the restrooms. Large padded tables with paper covers are so much easier to deal with than the hard changing stations in the noisy restrooms. There are also spaces for feeding—whether it is a bottle, a highchair for solids, or an area for nursing. The nursing areas vary from private to semi-private once inside, but they all have a closed door with restricted entrance. Inside it is dimly light and quiet, and there are comfortable chairs. In the open feeding space there is a TV (usually set to Disney Junior) and a few toys and books to play with. There is a restroom as well in case you have a toddler who is potty training. Inside the center is a small area to purchase baby supplies, along with a helpful cast member.

4. Is it free?

Yes, use of the facilities in the Baby Care Center is free, but the supplies must be purchased.

3. Who can use the Baby Care Centers?

Anyone with a small child (or other child who may need the use of these facilities) is welcome to use them. The cast members do ask that you limit the number of adults you bring in with you because space is limited and they want to keep a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the little ones. Certainly a mom and dad or grandparent is fine. The centers can be used for diaper changes and feedings, or just to get a hot and cranky toddler out of the park for a few minutes. On one visit my son and I were the only ones in the Hollywood Studios center so we sat and watched TV for 15 minutes or so while he had a snack—he probably enjoyed that as much as touring the park.

2. What baby supplies are available?

Although the variety and brands are more limited than Babies R Us, the little stores do stock a nice assortment of baby needs. Diapers, wipes, creams, baby food, formula, pacifiers, toys, snacks (like Mickey “goldfish”), onesies, and more are all available. Again, some locations are larger than others and have more items available.

1. Where are the Baby Care Centers located?

As nice as the Baby Care Centers are, the one problem with them is that there is only 1 in each park so you could be quite far away from them when you need them. Most are located near the First Aid Centers, and they are marked on your park maps (indicated by a blue square with a white pacifier). All of them (except Epcot’s) are themed to match their location (Epcot’s is just sort-of generic Disney/Baby).

Magic Kingdom: I think this is the nicest of the Baby Care Centers. It is located at the Castle end of Main Street, USA near Casey’s Corner and Crystal Palace going toward Adventureland. This is the largest center and has a nice room for feeding with high chairs, small tables and chairs, a TV, books and toys. Another large room for changing diapers, a room for nursing, and a fairly large baby supply store make up the rest of the space. If you are over in Storybook Circus you might not want to trek all the way here to change a diaper, but if you can schedule to be here for feeding times, or happen to be nearby when you need to change a diaper this bright and cheerful spot is a great place for your baby.

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Epcot: This is another nice center, it is just in a tough location for most of the places where you will be in the park.   It is over near the Odyssey Center—really between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion. To get there you follow the winding walkways of bridges over the water there. It is large with a very nice changing facility, a good selection of supplies, and the feeding spaces for both nursing and feeding solids in a high chair.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: This one is extremely small. It is located at the very front of the park on Hollywood Boulevard inside the Guest Relations area (not Sid Cahuenga’s where the FP+ kiosks are now, but the actual Guest Relations). When you enter (and you can bypass the Guest Relations line) it is over on the left. There is small changing area (there may only be 1 or 2 changing tables if my memory serves me), a small room for nursing and a sort of open area for feeding, playing, watching TV. But not many people can fit in here at once. There also doesn’t seem to be a dedicated Cast Member to service this area, but it is probably checked on by the Guest Relations Cast Members periodically.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: The Baby Care Center in the Animal Kingdom is located on Discovery Island just past PIzzafari and just before the bridge to Africa. This one is brightly colored with an Animal theme, and a good size. The changing tables here are like those you would have in your home. There is a feeding area with the small tables, high chairs, TV and toys (and padded benches along the wall), along with the private nursing space. And like the others, supplies are sold here.


Those are the basics on the Baby Care Centers—they really are nice to have when you need to use them

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