Top 10 Useful Walt Disney World Souvenirs


Few people visit Walt Disney World and return home without souvenirs. Many are whimsical, but some are more practical. Here are ten souvenirs that most people will find useful. Some you will use mostly when you are back home, but others will also come in handy while on your vacation.

10. Christmas Items

Christmas can be celebrated all year long at Walt Disney World, since there are shops that sell Christmas items year round. Pick up a few of your favorites, and then use them to decorate your home once the holidays roll around. A personalized Mickey ornament will look great on any tree.

9. Hollywood Tower Hotel Robe

You braved the 13 story drop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Remember how you conquered your fear by buying the Hollywood Tower Hotel Robe. Each time you wear it (and you know you will), you’ll think about how much fun Tower of Terror is. It might even make you start planning for your next vacation.

8. Autograph Book and Pen

You can find autograph books in various places throughout Central Florida, but many aren’t as high quality as those you’ll find at Walt Disney World. The books sold in the parks aren’t that expensive, and they’ll help to create lasting memories. Buy a pen at the same time. The pen will be the right size for the characters to easily hold, and your kids will still want to use it at home.

7. Kitchen Items

Wouldn’t a mug with Sleepy be perfect for your morning coffee, or a Mickey cookie jar make those cookies a little bit sweeter? You can find items to fill your entire kitchen at Walt Disney World. Even someone who doesn’t like to cook might change his or her mind with the right kitchen souvenirs. There are plenty of choices.

6. Special Events Merchandise

If your Walt Disney World vacation takes place during a special event, make sure you pick up some souvenirs. Not everything will be considered “useful”, but chances are you will not be able to find the same items on your next trip. Pick them up while you can, or you will regret it later.

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5. T-Shirt

Looking for a way to pack less? Buy t-shirts once you’re at Walt Disney World! Your whole family will love picking out what they will wear the next day, and you’ll have some useful souvenirs that will get a lot of wear once you return to the real world. If you still have a space problem once your vacation is over, you can ship the t-shirts to your home.

4. Socks

During the summer it rains almost every day in Central Florida. The storms don’t usually last very long, but you could get soaked. Your clothes will quickly dry in the Florida sun, but the same might not be true for your socks. You don’t want to end up with blisters from wet shoes, so buy an extra pair of socks for each member of your family if it starts to rain. Everyone can use more socks, and these will be special because you bought them at Walt Disney World. An added bonus is that socks will not take up much room in your suitcase when you’re packing to return home.

3. Backpack

Every family needs at least one backpack for a day in a theme park. Why not make it something special? There are several great designs that you can choose from once you’re at Walt Disney World, and they are practical as well as great souvenirs. If you want something useful but don’t need a backpack there are other types of bags that you might want to buy. A purse will get a lot of use once you’re home. Fanny packs may not be considered high fashion, but they come in handy in the theme parks because they are so easy to wear. They are great for kids as well.

2. Hat

Hats are an essential tool in Florida. They will help to keep the sun off of your face and the top of your head. At Walt Disney World they are also a lot of fun! There are plenty of hats sold that aren’t really all that useful, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make great souvenirs. There are other hats that you will most likely wear often once you return home. Let each member of your family pick a practical hat the first day of your vacation. Mickey Ears don’t really count as practical, but buy a few pairs of those as well.

1. Poncho

Florida definitely has a rainy season. There could be a chance of rain almost every day of your vacation. If the raindrops start to fall you will not have to go far to find a poncho, they will be for sale at the registers of most shops. The Disney Parks ponchos are relatively inexpensive (compared to other Disney souvenir prices) and they are well made. When you’re at the end of your vacation the ponchos won’t take up much room in your suitcase, and you know that your kids will want to pull them out the next time it rains at home. Ponchos may not be on the top of your souvenir list, but they will be one of the most useful things that you buy.

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