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The VOID at Walt Disney World

There’s a new experience at Disney Springs. Ok, so it’s not brand-new, but it’s new enough that many people haven’t yet had the opportunity to enjoy it yet. What is it? It’s the VOID, powered by ILMxLAB—a new take on virtual reality that has become wildly popular among visitors to Disney Springs. Here are a few things you need to know about the VOID to make the most of your experience.

1. What is the VOID?

To be completely honest and fair, the VOID is an experience that’s difficult to describe to someone who’s never enjoyed it. But we’ll try—imagine a place where the latest technology, special effects and interactive sets come together to give you the most spectacular virtual reality experience available. Instead of watching an army of Stormtroopers in a movie, you can BE a Stormtrooper. You can look at your hands and thanks to the virtual reality glasses you’re wearing, you appear to be suited up just like one of them—even down to the gear on your hands. Feel the heat as you walk over lava pools. It’s amazing!

2. It’s perfect for everyone. Well, almost everyone.

An experience at the VOID can be the perfect family attraction, especially since up to four Guests can participate as one group. But the experience is recommended for children ages 10 and up, as well as adults, and those kiddos should be at least 48 inches tall. You won’t necessarily be turned away for having a little one shorter than 48 inches, but these recommendations are designed to be sure every Guest has the best experience possible. You also need to know that children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and each participant must sign a waiver before the experience. Even if you’re tall enough and old enough to enjoy the VOID, be sure that you are in good health. The VOID is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, other cardiac issues or for people who are negatively affected by multi-sensory stimulation.

3. There are currently two platforms from which to choose.

For a while, the only platform on which to enjoy the VOID was a Star Wars-themed experience, which is amazing, by the way! Now, however, Guests can choose between the Star Wars experience and a new Ralph Breaks the Internet-inspired experience. Can’t decide? Have no fear—you’re welcome to purchase tickets for both experiences!

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4. Pre-Purchase Tickets

You’ll need to purchase tickets to the VOID online in advance. Because it’s a very popular attraction, be sure to purchase your tickets as early as possible, in the same way you make advanced dining reservations at restaurants in the parks or select FastPass+ selections for rides and attractions before your trip. Just visit

5. Ticket Prices Vary

Ticket prices can vary at the VOID. Generally, tickets for the VOID experience on a weekend are more expensive than weekday mornings and afternoons. Prices listed at do not include taxes and a small processing fee, which will be added to each ticket purchased. The site only accepts debit or credit cards at this time.

6. Know Where To Go

You don’t want to be late for your experience, so be sure you know where to go once you arrive at Disney Springs. The VOID is located opposite of the Earl of Sandwich restaurant at the Marketplace area. You’ll see it just past the Once Upon a Toy store.

7. Watch That Clock

Be sure to arrive about 10 minutes before your reserved time. If your experience is to begin at 10:30, be sure you’re in line at the VOID by 10:20, if not sooner. Even with your advanced ticket purchase, during peak seasons, you may have a short wait before entering the experience. But we guarantee you that the excitement of this fascinating experience is well worth the wait, and you’ll be on such an adrenaline high, you won’t even remember that short wait!

8. Memorialize It!

After you’ve enjoyed the VOID experience, you’ll be able to have your picture made with some of the virtual reality gear you wore during the experience. And yes, the pictures are worth it!

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