The Internet Tells Disney Vlogger “Your Kid Isn’t Special,” Cyberbullies Her Due to Child’s Costume

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Walt Disney World is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, and when you’re visiting with your loved ones, it feels like very few things can ruin the magic!

However, being told something as cruel as ‘Your kid isn’t special’ could definitely put a damper on anybody’s Disney day.

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One of the best things about visiting Magic Kingdom is the fantastic parades. Beloved Disney characters walk around, interacting with the Guests who are watching.

More often than not, the little ones are at the front of the audience so they can see better. As a result, the characters often come up to the little ones, making their day with the interactions.

One content creator caught one of these special moments on video and shared it with her followers. However, the Disney influencer was unprepared for this negative comment.


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In this video, the content creator wonders if Happy will notice that her young child is wearing a shirt with a picture of the classic character. She audibly asks, “Is he not looking?

One of the viewers voiced some criticism, writing, “…lady a million people a day come dressed as characters and your kid isn’t special.”

Credit: Disney

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When it comes down to it, a comment like this feels less like a viewer offering criticism and more like an internet troll being a bully, especially when the target is a young child.

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But luckily, the rest of the comments pulled together with a ton of positivity. Although the mean comment is incredibly prominent, it’s easily overcome by hundreds of sweet messages.

You can always count on Disney fans to keep the magic intact!

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