Technical Malfunction Transforms EPCOT Into a Rave!

Connections Lights
Credit: Disney and Canva

Who knew Disney could look like this?

Located in the heart of Walt Disney World’s World Celebration, Connections Eatery is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts from all over the world. This delightful eatery, which is accompanied by Connections CafĂ©, is a culinary haven that offers an array of delectable dishes to please every palate.

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Connections Cafe

Credit: Disney

Connections Eatery: EPCOT’s One-Stop Shop

Walt Disney World Resort is renowned for its magical experiences, enchanting attractions, and world-class dining options. With over 140 dining establishments spread across its four theme parks – Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Guests are spoiled for choice. Among these, Connections Eatery stands out as a hidden gem, offering a diverse menu filled with tempting flavors.

Connections Eatery is situated in World Celebration, an area at EPCOT dedicated to celebrating the future, technology, and the diverse cultures of the world. This location makes it convenient for visitors exploring the park to take a break and indulge in delicious cuisine. Disney describes it, saying;

“Take your taste buds on a tour around the world with dishes inspired by Italian, French and Asian cuisines. At Connections Eatery, we invite you to savor delicious dishes with family, friends, and everyone in between––you can even catch a glimpse of the chefs as they work their magic.”

Connections Cafe

Credit: Disney

A Restaurant… Or a Rave?

While the interior design at Connections Eatery is typically sleek and elegant, it was not that way for Guests visiting the location this weekend. Guests visiting the restaurant on September 14 and 15 were treated to an unintentional light show along the restaurant’s exterior walls.

According to X user and Disney fanatic @SirBrayden, the source of the problem is due to EPCOT’s reliance on LED lights.

A similar issue was also seen at EPCOT’s entrance, as seen by this Guest’s video from September 15.

Regardless of what is the cause of the issue, these impromptu light shows are making me want a Disney-themed rave show… anyone else?


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