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Transgender Influencer Under Fire After Demonstrating Her Genital Transition at Disney Theme Park

A heart-shaped cookie with pink and blue icing, symbolizing transgender pride, in the foreground, with Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle in the blurred background.

WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. In today’s day and age, Disney theme parks exist as a place that welcomes guests of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Disney has been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and has continued to stand by its guests and ...

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Stuck at the Disney: Hotel Guests Require Cast Member Rescue

guests trapped out of hotel room when key is not working

A Disney Resort hotel guest spoke out on social media this week after her vacation experience ended in a nightmare. She narrowly avoided missing her flight, almost stranded when her Disney hotel room key stopped working with all her belongings left inside. There’s nothing like staying in the magic at a Disney Resort hotel. Amenities await at dozens of lodging ...

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TikTok Creator Goes Viral for Videos of Him Harassing Disney Princesses

wdw Disney Cinderella Castle

A TikTok creator recently gained widespread attention for their viral videos that depict them harassing Disney Princesses in the Disney theme parks. The disturbing trend has alarmed many Disney guests and fans, who are concerned about the disrespectful behavior exhibited by this person toward these beloved characters. The creator’s actions have sparked backlash online, with many condemning the inappropriate conduct ...

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Disney Guest Called Out for Harassing Princess at Park

TikToker Harasses Cinderella for real name

Becoming a Disney cast member is a dream for many people who love Disney. Some want to work in the merchandise stores, others want to give diners a memorable meal, and many want to become Disney characters. There is so much joy that Disney characters bring Guests on a daily basis. Sadly, along with all of the smiling faces, there ...

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The Side of Disney They Don’t Want You to See: Cast Members Go Wild Behind the Scenes

The Side of Disney They Don’t Want You to See: Cast Members Go Wild Behind the Scenes

Disney is a magical place designed to rip Guests from the problems and stresses of a less-than-magical world. One aspect that sets Disney apart from other Theme Parks is its ability to create incredibly immersive environments that place Guests right in the middle of their favorite stories. Many Guests to Disney World or Disneyland will tell you that once they ...

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Disney TikTok Ad Features Young Man Dressing as Minnie Mouse

Disney TikTok Ad Shows Young Man Dressing as Minnie Mouse

Disney has been catching a lot of heat from conservatives and those who feel strongly that the mega-sized entertainment company has been pushing agenda-based ideology onto children through Park and film experiences. This has led Disney into a nasty fight over politics, and many fans are jumping ship as the perception of Disney’s morals creates strained relationships with usually loyal ...

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This Hot New Disney Merchandise Has Fans Rope-Dropping Disney Springs

This Hot New Disney Item Has Fans Rope-Dropping Disney Springs

Ladies and Gentlemen…start those credit cards; there’s a new Disney Merchandise item trending! Walt Disney World’s newest “must have” item is flying off shelves. To get it, you’ll want to get that engine going before the sun comes up. Well, maybe not that early, but you’re definitely going to need to rope-drop Disney Springs! Resellers and honest folk alike are ...

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Don’t Be Duped by Toxic Disney Influencers

Disney content creator Don’t Be Duped by Toxic Disney Influencers

Disney Influencers  (unofficially dubbed) have become the go-to source of information for Guests planning Park trips. They’re on virtually every social media platform, suggesting what you should and shouldn’t do. They tell you what to wear, how to get the best photos, and provide many tips and tricks to maximizing your Disney vacation time. Although some influencers would consider themselves ...

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