‘Steamboat Willie’ Is Getting His Own Water Attraction at Disney

Steamboat Willie
Credit: Walt Disney Animation

This is massive news for Steamboat Willie fans!

When Walt Disney brought Mickey Mouse to life in 1928 with the release of the short animated film Steamboat Willie, the world fell in love. This moment was huge for the Walt Disney Company; everything changed at that moment.

Now, decades later, Mickey Mouse and Steamboat Willie still have millions of fans. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a Disney theme Park without Mickey, and Steamboat Willie stands as a symbol of Disney’s legacy of innovation and creativity. However, Steamboat Willie has not had much exposure within the Disney Parks.

Now, fans of this loveable short will be thrilled to know that an all-new Steamboat Willie Splash Pad will be coming to a Disney Resort this fall.

mickey mouse waving

Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse Goes Old School

Right now, Disney Parks are undergoing some massive transformations. Tons of new rides, attractions, and additions have come in 2023. Another big change is coming this fall with the opening of the new Disney Vacation Club property at Disneyland Resort. The Villas at Disneyland Hotel is going to be an incredible and innovative new space to vacation. Here, Guests will be able to enjoy the adorable new property and all of its cool design elements.

Disneyland villas pool

Credit: Disney

For many Disney fans, a break day spent at the pool is essential. Luckily for Guests of The Villas, the pool area will not disappoint. Disney invites Guests “to bask in the California sun in the brand-new Palette Pool area, an inviting oasis designed for relaxation and play.”

The Villas Offer up a Dreamy Vacation Experience

The area will feature the Palette Pool, Palm Breeze Bar, and an incredible new Steamboat Willie-themed splash pad. The new splash pad is fully black and white and shows Mickey Mouse in his original form. This new attraction is totally unique, and something unlike Disney fans have ever seen before. Guests of all ages will be able to enjoy this pool when it opens with The Villas on September 28, 2023.

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