Sorry to Burst Your Bubble, But Yes – It Will Most Likely Rain During Your Trip to Disney This Summer

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Visiting Walt Disney World is nothing short of an Olympic sport, especially in the summer.

In May, June, July, and August, visiting Walt Disney World Resort becomes incredibly busy with visitors. The kids are off on summer vacation and everyone is trying to visit a Disney Park.

Magic Kingdom Entrance with Crowd

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Speaking of Disney Parks, all four will be incredibly crowded: you can expect large crowds at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT.

But the real beast of the Florida summer is the weather, which will go one of two ways: stiflingly hot or stiflingly hot and wet. So, if you’ve been asking yourself if it’ll rain while you’re visiting Walt Disney World, we’re here to confirm that the answer is yes, you will run into some rain.

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In Central Florida, the rain will fall nearly every day of the summer. Unfortunately, the rain won’t cool anyone off because of the Sunshine State’s humid climate. Instead, it’ll make everything feel hot and muggy…

But not all hope is lost! There are ways to combat Florida’s fickle rain-or-shine weather.

Rain Puddle at Walt Disney World

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For one, be sure to bring waterproof shoes, an extra pair of socks, and a poncho. Be sure to bring lightweight clothes that’ll dry quickly as well! Sunscreen and water bottles are a definite must-have for a day spent at a Disney Park.

It’s worth noting that the rain usually falls in the afternoon unless the Sunshine State is going through another bout of tropical storms and hurricanes.

rain in Magic Kingdom

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So most Guests can plan accordingly, knowing that the rain can be expected in the afternoon. Maybe schedule a late lunch or an early dinner, giving your party an hour to rest with a roof over your heads!

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