Guest Warns Against Buying Popular Disney Dining Package

Mickey Mouse performs during Fantasmic at Disneyland Park
Credit: Disney

In April 2023, guests watching the Fantasmic! nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Park were stunned when a pyrotechnic feature went wrong. During the climactic scene, Maleficent, in her dragon form, shoots fire at Mickey Mouse. However, there was a malfunction and Maleficent’s head caught on fire. In a matter of minutes, the entire dragon was engulfed in flames. Disney immediately put the show on indefinite hiatus, and fans have been patiently waiting for it to return.

Fantasmic Maleficent dragon fully engulfed in flames April 2023

Credit: Scott Gustin, X

Finally, after more than a year, Fantasmic! returned to the Rivers of America at Disneyland Park. Unfortunately, Maleficent’s dragon did not return to the stage and Disney altered the scene. Many guests were disappointed in the change, but were happy to see Peter Pan and Captain Hook replace the Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) scene.

As part of the return of Fantasmic!, Disneyland Resort once again began offering its Fantasmic! Dining Packages. The package allows guests to dine at one of three popular spots: Blue Bayou (the most expensive), River Belle Terrace (the middle price), or Rancho del Zocalo (the cheapest option). Guests will enjoy a 3-course meal (or 4 at Blue Bayou) and then get premium seating for the showing of Fantasmic!

New Peter Pan Scene in Disneyland Fantasmic

Credit: Disney

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While many guests might consider this a great option to make sure they see the new show, one guest is warning them that it might not be as great a deal as it seems.

Reddit user NiceArthur32 said that they purchased the Blue Bayou Fantasmic! dining package. Although it was very expensive, they thought their preferred seating for the show would make it worth the price. Well, they were incredibly disappointed when they learned that the “priority seating” was on the ground and not at a table.

Fantasmic at Walt Disney World with Steamboat Willie

Credit: Disney

The OP (original poster) thought that, for the price, they should have been given proper seating. So, they took to Reddit to warn other guests about the “seating” available with the dining package.

When the Fantasmic dinner packages went on sale I was able to get dinner for two at Blue Bayou to get their “premium seated viewing area.” Dinner was okay, def not worth the 200+ bill, but I wanted to watch fantasmic in comfort.

I’ve done the World of Color dessert package thing and I LOVED the comfortable seating. It’s pricey but it includes two alcoholic drinks, unlimited soft drinks and sparkling water, and a really nice dessert spread.

When it was time to return for the show we walk up and show our ticket and are told to walk further down, where they check our ticket after multiple check points. I’m getting excited cause we’re going to the center of the show. Finally, they say “okay, you guys are here” and the lady points to an open space, and I asked about seating and she said, “yeah, everyone needs to be seated when the show starts” and I was confused, cause there were no chairs… then I realized we’re supposed to SIT ON THE FLOOR.

It was a shock to me cause of the price of the dinner package, and there is nothing premium about sitting on a dirty floor. I felt bad for the older people who had a really hard time getting down and back up. It was very uncomfortable, I would rather have been standing because of how uncomfortable the floor was.

So, save your money, just watch the show like everyone else and you’ll be much more comfortable than the people who paid for “premium seating”

Definitely felt bamboozled.

Belle and the Beast in Fantasmic at Disneyland

Credit: Disney

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Some commenters were glad to have the information, since they thought that there would be actual seating for those who purchased a dining package. However, others pointed out that the Redditor did not do their research.

How are they getting fooled? It says in the description when you buy the package that seating is on the floor. They will still let anyone using a wheelchair or ECV sit in their vehicles as long as they park towards the back of the reserved area. And at that distance and height over the fence and everyone else sitting, those are great viewing spots.

Mickey Mouse Disneyland Fantastmic

Credit: Disney

It is important to note that there is one dining package where guests will be able to sit in an actual chair and watch the show. The River Belle Terrace Premium Package Viewing Area allows guests to dine right before the show, and then remain in their seats on the outdoor patio throughout the entire performance.

Others said that the package seemed like a good deal when dining at Rancho del Zocalo. That three-course meal is only $35 per person, so the preferred seating might be worth it.

Do you think Disney should provide real seats for those who book a Fantasmic! Dining Package?

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