‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Location Permanently Closes at Walt Disney World

The image shows a scene with three animatronic pirates behind bars in a dungeon setting and another with a sign reading "Tortuga Tavern" next to a large wooden wheel, likely part of the themed attraction.
Credit: Disney, Canva

This is devastating news for fans of this Pirates of the Caribbean-themed dining location at Disney. Magic Kingdom Park, located within Walt Disney World Resort, is known for having dozens of incredible attractions and offerings based on Disney’s extensive catalog of intellectual property.

Of all the incredible stories featured within the Disney parks, Pirates of the Caribbean has remained a favorite for the past several decades. This incredible dark ride experience is a treasure for fans and even became so popular that it spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise starring Johnny Depp.

After riding the attraction, many fans decide to head to another nearby Pirates of the Caribbean-themed attraction, Tortuga Tavern. Unfortunately, as of today, June 7, it seems that that location has closed forever.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

Pirate-themed Tavern Closes Its Doors

Tortuga Tavern was a must-visit dining spot in Magic Kingdom, inspired by the adventurous spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean. This restaurant captures the essence of the pirate lifestyle, offering guests a swashbuckling atmosphere while they enjoy their meal. Located in Adventureland, this establishment was a popular choice for those seeking a quick-service dining experience amidst the thrilling backdrop of the park.

The theming at Tortuga Tavern was detailed with nods to the famed Captain Jack Sparrow and other iconic pirate elements. In addition to the delectable food offerings, Tortuga Tavern also provides a welcoming ambiance for guests to relax and recharge before diving back into the excitement of Magic Kingdom Park. This location also notably worked with the Disney dining plan.

Unfortunately, as of today, June 7, the location appears to be permanently closed. Sources on the scene express that menus have been taken down, and the hours online show no openings indefinitely.

Tortuga Tavern in Adventure Land

Credit: Disney

Location Determined For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Lounge?

While many are sad to see this location go, others are excited about the possibility of this location being the new spot for the previously announced Pirates of the Caribbean lounge. As we previously reported, back in 2023, Disney announced plans for the lounge at D23. Peg-Leg Pete, the so-called “Barker Bird,” will take on a starring role in the new location.

With Tortuga Tavern closed, this lounge seems almost certain. Fans will eagerly await a formal announcement from the Walt Disney Company regarding the fate of this area. Overall, Tortuga Tavern stood out as a memorable dining destination in Magic Kingdom, combining delicious cuisine, immersive theming, and a convenient location to offer guests a truly enjoyable experience. It is evident that this location will be missed.

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