Pirates of the Caribbean Underwater: Damage to Queue as Disney World Attraction Shuts Down, Guests Trapped

Pirates of the Caribbean
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You expect to get a little wet when you get on one of the Disney World water rides. Unless you’re riding Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a little wet is all you expect.

What guests don’t expect is that a flood would shut down a large portion of one of the Disney World water rides. These rides and attractions are supposed to contain water, which makes it unusual when the water escapes.

queue at Pirates of the Caribbean flooded with water

Credit: Rick, Inside the Magic

Yesterday’s guests at the Walt Disney World Resort were in for a big surprise. Part of the queue at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride flooded out, shutting down the line and forcing guests into a single line.

Disney World cast members did their best using towels to clean up the water and keep people safe. The ride could continue using only one line, but it would continue to get worse as every guest was stuck in the attraction while the single queue was releasing other passengers.

A cast member got on the microphone and told guests:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, your wait and ride time may be longer than normal while we address an issue. We appreciate your patience while we fix this problem. 

Once guests were loaded into a boat, the ride continued as usual until the end. With only one line accepting guests, every ship was pushed back into the attraction. Guests were stuck on the ride without moving for more than 10 minutes while cast members worked through the issue.

Cast member used towels to contain the water in the Pirates of the Caribbean queue.

Cast members used towels to contain the water. Credit: Rick Inside the Magic

Besides the inconvenience, guests got to spend some quality time with the Johnny Depp character from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and take in the details of every pirate trying to escape prison before it burned down.

It is not unusual for a Disney ride to break down, but it is uncommon for water to create such a hot mess in the queue area and cause a mess and wet socks for guests.

This breakdown of one of the theme park’s most popular attractions comes at a bad time for Walt Disney World. April is usually one of the busiest months, and the wait time for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is already over 40 minutes.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride station at Disney World with people waiting and a worker standing by a water ride boat, preparing for departure. Visitors observe from the platform, showing excitement and anticipation

Credit: Rick, Inside the Magic

Luckily during the delay, people were well behaved. No one jumped out of the boat, as has happened at the Disneyland Resort in California. At least Florida guests followed the rules and cast member instructions, and everyone got off their boat safely.

Disney World did not release an official response to the flooding in the Disney ride.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on a Disney ride or while waiting in line? Let us know in the comments.

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