Mock-up Unveiled for the Cake Bake Shop on Disney Boardwalk

The Cake Bake Shop

Walt Disney World Resort released its concept art for the Cake Bake Shop installation on Disneys Boardwalk. The artist’s mock-up depicts the shop’s restaurant and bakery sections. The building’s paned windows, scrolling font, and ornate molding emulate a Parisian patisserie, a charming addition to the Boardwalk Inn restaurant line-up. A Brief History of the Cake Bake Shop Though new to ...

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Move Over EPCOT! There’s a BETTER Food & Wine Festival on Disney Property

Mickey Shh in front of Spaceship Earth

Chances are, when we mention a Food and Wine Festival, Disney fans will immediately think of Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival. But, what some of the Disney fandom doesn’t know is that there is actually another Food and Wine Festival on Disney property. And, shhh…. we personally prefer it over EPCOT’s. Credit: Disney Don’t get ...

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Five Disney Meals That Should Have Been Park Staples

Abuelita Coco and Miguel with Tamales

Disney Movies always know how to hit us in our feels, especially by tapping into our nostalgia. Food plays a vital role in our nostalgia and Disney knows just how to make a food moment that pulls at our heartstrings. Here are five Disney and Pixar meals that are forever burned into our memory.   Snow White: Gooseberry Pie Stick ...

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Details and Location Revealed for Disney World Affordable Housing Development

Walt Disney World Affordable Housing Development

Walt Disney World Resort has announced the details surrounding its previously announced affordable housing development for the Central Florida community and Cast Members. The new details reveal the location, developer, and more about the affordable and attainable housing initiative. Location Disney has revealed the 80-acre piece of the Walt Disney World Resort property contributed to the new affordable housing development ...

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VIDEO: Guest Jumps Out of EPCOT Ride Vehicle to Sit With Animatronic

A visit to Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT is not complete without a visit to the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction. But one Disney Park Guest made the poor choice of jumping out of the ride vehicle to sit with an animatronic. Credit: Disney RELATED: Banned From Disney: “Urban Explorer” Breaks Into Disney Property Regularly The nostalgic Spaceship Earth attraction not ...

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New ‘Princess Diaries’ Movie in the Works at Disney!

The Princess Diaries

Genovia, The land I call my home, From the green clear summer, From blossoming pear trees, Magnificent her mountains and seas, Genovia, Genovia, You’re noble, proud and brave, Genovia, Genovia, Forever, will your banner wave! After years of speculation and a lot of back and forth, it seems that Disney fans will once again be able to return to the ...

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The Most Underrated Magic Kingdom Restaurant

If you love learning about new, secret, or underrated eats at Walt Disney World, you have come to the right place. I’m all about Disney dining at fun spots that are not those first in the minds of other Park Guests. Let’s chat about what I think is the most underrated Magic Kingdom restaurant. Did I mention it’s a quick service location? Yep, no dining reservation is needed ...

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