Glaring Eyesore to Remain In EPCOT as Construction Continues

spaceship earth

Out of all four theme parks making up Walt Disney World Resort, EPCOT may be the most beautiful one of all. Like Animal Kingdom, EPCOT emphasizes the beauty of the natural world. Unlike Animal Kingdom, however, there are more flowers to go around, especially during the Disney Park’s annual International Flower and Garden Festival. As a result, the Disney Park ...

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Things to Do at Disney When You’re Dead

man with illusion of a ghost

By now, many of us have heard stories of people who have tried (successfully or not) to have remains released at Walt Disney World Resort upon their passing. RELATED: Disney World Guests Covered in Ashes After Unlawful Incident One popular destination has been the Haunted Mansion. However, it seems just as likely individuals could be spreading the ashes of loved ones ...

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Drink Coffee Like a Disney VILLAIN With Joffrey’s New Collection

Disney villains

If you’re a coffee lover and a fan of Walt Disney World, then Joffrey’s Coffee is a name that should already be familiar to you. Starbucks may have a strong presence within the parks, but Joffrey’s offers a unique experience that is tailor-made for Disney enthusiasts. This specialty coffee company has been serving up delicious blends at Disney World since 1995, ...

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DeSantis’s $400K-A-Year Disney Board Admin MUST STEP DOWN as His Role is Illegal in Florida

man with judge's gavel letter of resignation and the word out

The administrator of Disney World’s oversight board in Florida must relinquish his post or resign from his role with the State Ethics Commission, effective immediately, as continuing in both capacities is illegal in the Sunshine State. Glen Gilzean has served as the administrator of Governor Ron DeSantis’s Central Florida Tourism Oversight District–formerly the Reedy Creek Improvement District–since he was appointed ...

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Could Disney Be Moving Building Plans for Its New Park Down Under?

Could Disney Be Moving Building Plans for It's New Park Down Under?

Could a new Disney Park be headed to Australia? Since their induction into American culture in 1955, Disney Parks have become one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the United States. Following its opening in Anaheim, California, Disneyland experienced booming success leading to the creation of an even more significant, more ambitious project in the state of Florida. This ...

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Barbie Now A Vintage Collectors Item

animal kingdom barbie walt disney world animal barbie doll magical world greta gerwig barbie movie tree of life animal expert

Thanks to the wild success of Greta Gerwig’s recent Barbie feature film, Barbie dolls are totally back in! Good news, Barbie movie lovers, you don’t have to choose between your excitement for the Warner Bros. Pictures film and your passion for all things Disney! Because 1998’s Animal Kingdom Barbie has you covered. This version of Barbie is a Disney exclusive ...

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Magic Kingdom’s Swashbuckling Adventure May Close Soon

jack sparrow screaming, pirates of the caribbean attraction in the background

For the most part, fans visiting Walt Disney World may have a hard time agreeing on any one thing. But for those who have visited Magic Kingdom in the past two weeks, we can guarantee they’ll reach a general consensus about one thing: Pirates of the Caribbean has been more on and off than usual. READ MORE: Classic Magic Kingdom Ride ...

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Warnings Issued About Rachel Zegler Ahead of ‘Snow White’

Rachel Zegler and Snow White with warning sign

The 22-year-old actress has been in the news lately – mainly regarding the Disney live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). RELATED: ‘Snow White’ Star’s Warpath Attacks Walt Disney and Women A Slew Of Controversy She has found herself amid multiple controversies, including statements saying she ‘hated’ the original 1937 animated classic (and the Disneyland ride), slamming the ...

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