New Collaboration Between ‘Bluey’ & ‘The Simpsons’ Leaves Fans Confused, Enraged

An image featuring two cartoon families: The Simpsons on the left and the Heeler family from Bluey on the right. The Simpsons include Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, while the Heelers include Bluey and Bingo.

Over the weekend, fans were shocked–and some were enraged–to see Bluey and Bingo from the Disney+ children’s series, Bluey, in a Mother’s Day episode of The Simpsons. The Creator of ‘Bluey’ Shares His Inspiration For the Series Australian animator Joe Brumm is credited with creating Bluey, one of the most successful children’s programs of all time. Not only did he create ...

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Cast Members Describe Disney Workplace as a ”Police State”; Ex-Employee Exposes Owner’s Frivolous Spending

A large, colorful hot air balloona tethered at the waterfront of Disney Springs during sunset. The sky is pink and orange, and the calm waters reflect the buildings and the balloon. The shoreline features various buildings and palm trees in the background.

A major drama is ensuing at one popular Walt Disney World Resort establishment. Known for its delicious cookies and magical atmosphere, Gideon’s Bakehouse has typically maintained a positive image in the eyes of Disney guests. Now, thanks to a recent employee report, that image has been tainted. For many, working at Walt Disney World Resort seems like a dream come ...

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Disney-Inspired Mint Julep Recipe

Three glasses of bright green beverage served with ice cubes, lemon slices on the rim, red cherries, and striped red and white paper straws. In the background, there's a large pitcher filled with the same green drink, ice, and a lemon slice on the rim.

Mint Julep drinks are one of my favorite things to get at Disneyland. Cold and refreshing, with a hint of mint, lemon, and lime, they’re perfect for a hot summer day! Homemade Disneyland mint julep has a refreshing flavor that is a rich tradition in the South! It has simple ingredients with some versatility with a beautiful presentation of color ...

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Johnny Depp Fired from ‘Pirates’; Taylor Swift Now Linked

Johnny Depp Taylor Swift

In a turn of events that continues to echo through Hollywood, Johnny Depp has officially been let go from his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This decision by Disney marks a significant shift in the narrative surrounding one of their most lucrative series and a character that has become synonymous with Depp’s ...

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Disney Tigger Tails Copycat Recipe

Three orange-colored popsicles with dark chocolate drizzle, reminiscent of Tigger Tails, are arranged on a colorful, cartoon-themed table mat featuring whimsical scenes such as a pirate in a boat, a child in a bumper car, and an adventurous island.

Leave the hunny to the Heffalumps & Woozles, these tasty Tigger Tails are what Tiggers like best! Make this popular Disney snack at home today! What Is A Tigger Tail? Tigger Tails are a classic Disney snack that is found at Pooh’s Corner at Disneyland. A Tigger Tail is a stack of marshmallows on a candy stick that is dipped ...

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Disney Star Heroically Saves Woman From Horrific Car Accident

Kyle Massey Saves Woman In Car Accident

During the early 200os, one of the most beloved shows on The Disney Channel was That’s So Raven. That’s So Raven starred Raven-Symoné as Raven Baxter, a girl who struggled to balance life as a teenager with having psychic abilities. The show also starred Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol as Raven’s best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh played ...

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Walt Disney World Guest Loses Entire Row of Teeth After Bizarre Accident

The back of a Mickey Mouse statue at Disney's Pop Century Resort

Disney lost and found services at Walt Disney World are renowned for their efficiency and dedication to reuniting guests with their misplaced belongings. Whether you’ve left behind a cherished souvenir, a pair of sunglasses, or any other item during your magical adventure at the park, Disney’s skilled team at the guest services and lost property departments work tirelessly to help ...

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Disney Faces Mounting Anger as Fanbase Feels Alienated

Walt Disney Bob Iger

In recent years, Disney, the entertainment giant that has enchanted generations for more than 100 years with its magical stories, has found itself under scrutiny from its own fanbase. Related: Walt Disney’s Untimely Death Sparked a Massive Cover-Up & Forever Changed the Future of Disney’s Films While the company continues to produce blockbuster movies and create immersive theme park experiences, ...

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