Disney Ignores Its Own Source Material? ‘Little Mermaid’ Actress Perpetuates Outdated Ariel Idea During Interview

The Little Mermaid (1989) is easily one of the most iconic and important Disney Princess movies of all time. But it seems that Disney is forgetting its own past and rewriting its own history for the worst. Not only did the original Little Mermaid film kick off the Disney Renaissance period, it also rejuvenated audiences’ interest in the animated musical ...

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After Hours at Disney Park Will Soon Be Unavailable

Disney's Hollywood Studios at Night

The supply can not meet the demand! Another Disney After Hours event is about to come to an early end. For many families, visiting the Park during the day can feel overwhelming. Luckily for Guests at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney offers special “after hours” events. These events give Guests special access to the Parks after they are closed to ...

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Heads Up! This Unique Magic Kingdom Attraction Is Closing Soon

One of Magic Kingdom’s most elusive and unique experiences will be closing soon for a lengthy refurbishment. READ MORE: Fans Are Begging Disney to Put This Classic Attraction Out of Its Misery & “Just Close It” When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom takes the cake as the most popular theme park. It may not be everyone’s favorite, ...

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Universal Security Had to Get Involved When This Guest Had a Total Meltdown & Refused to Leave

Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort are some of the most magical, immersive theme parks around, so it makes total sense that some Guests simply don’t want to leave. However, one Guest, in particular, needed some extra convincing to leave this Universal Orlando Resort attraction. READ MORE: Rumors Are Saying This Universal Theme Park May Lose Rights to ‘Spider-man’ ...

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VIDEO: Disney Character Performer Slips and Falls During Live Performance

Between Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, there are six different theme parks. Each Disney Park offers live entertainment, attractions, and sometimes a mix of both. However, our favorite Disney stories are so inspiring and unforgettable that Guests want to celebrate them even when they’re not visiting a Disney theme park. Thus, performances such as Disney On Ice were ...

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