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Is This the Best Disney Park For an ‘Encanto’ Land? Spoiler Alert, It’s Not EPCOT!

Although Encanto (2021) is a relatively recent film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, it’s quickly become a fan favorite. The fame that followed Encanto can be compared to the ‘Frozen Fever’ that swept the nation after the release of Frozen (2013). After all, a fresh story about generational trauma, catchy music by visionary Lin Manuel Miranda, and fun, diverse characters-what ...

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‘WOKE’ Disney Princess Dolls Used To Confuse Consumers For Clout

Disney ily 4EVER dolls instagram Jenna Nicole

In recent years, the issue of “wokeness” has come up in all areas of society. The definition of “wokeness” seems to be ever-expanding, from politics to media to entertainment. As the most significant and most wide-reaching entertainment entity in the world, The Walt Disney Company has come under fire from conservatives for things like “woke” casting choices for its new ...

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Child Taken From Parents After Disneyland Incident

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Disneyland castle welcome

An odd scene occurred at Disneyland Resort recently that resulted in a strange occurrence. Known as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland Resort is expected to be a place filled with happiness, kindness, and Disney magic. Sadly, some Guests experience yelling, fighting, and misbehaving. Disneyland Resort is comprised of two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, as ...

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Could This Classic Magic Kingdom Ride Be Next on Disney’s Chopping Block?

In Walt Disney World, all of the classic attractions can be found in Magic Kingdom. These rides are quintessentially Disney, the ones fans think of when picturing Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle. The list includes rides like the Haunted Mansion, “it’s a small world,” Pirates of the Caribbean, Enchanted Tiki Room, the Jungle Cruise, and of course, Dumbo the Flying Elephant. ...

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Health Risk Spotted at Disney’s EPCOT

Maintenance issues at disney

Disney Parks have always been a cut above the rest. One of the things that sets Disney apart from other theme park destinations is its attention to detail. Guests expect a lot from Disney because Disney expects a lot from itself…at least until recently. Not long ago, we reported mold growing in several attractions at Walt Disney World (notably on ...

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Are You A True Disney Fan Or Do You Make These Common Character Mistakes At Disney Parks?

Disney World Changes

Disney Parks characters are a major staple of any Disney vacation. True fans may be surprised, however, that many visiting Guests will confidently misidentify popular meet-and-greet characters. It doesn’t matter how much a park ticket costs, the fact is that every Guest is not up to date on even staple Disney Parks characters. Here are the top five routine misidentification ...

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