PAYOUT Revealed: Disney’s Magic Key Lawsuit to Result in $9.7 Million Returning to the Pockets of Disney Fans

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This is a thrilling day for many Disney fans!

Visiting Disney Parks can be so expensive that sometimes it feels as though they are robbing you. For over 100,000 fans, they will finally be getting a refund.

When Disneyland Resort announced its Magic Key Program, fans were excited about this new version of an Annual Pass system. The program initially offered various tiers of annual passes, including the Dream Key, Believe Key, Enchant Key, and Imagine Key, catering to different budgets and levels of access. However, within weeks of its debut, a lawsuit was filed against the Walt Disney Company regarding false promises that were made to customers.

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Disney Fan Leads Massive Lawsuit

A lawsuit unlike anything Disney has ever seen was filed in 2021 by Janale Nielsen, a California resident and self-proclaimed Disney fanatic. As a longtime Disney Annual Passholder, Nielsen alleges that the new Magic Key program falsely advertised their Dream Key pass, the highest tier pass Disney provides.

During the advertisement period for the Magic Key program, Nielsen and many other Dream Key Passholders bought the Pass after hearing Disney say there were no block-out dates. At $1,399 a pass, fans were Dishing out a lot of money in order to experience this perk.

The reality for Nielsen and all of Dream Passholders was that block-out dates did indeed exist. This was happening even though the Parks were not at capacity. The previous annual pass program at Disneyland Resort offered much better benefits to Guests. Nielsen and many others found it unfair to downgrade long-time pass holders to a subpar option like the Magic Key.

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Heated Lawsuit Sees a Payout for Fans

Now, years after the lawsuit began, fans can finally expect to see their payout. It has been revealed that there will be a $9.5 million settlement fund for Dream Key pass holders. 103,435 Dream Key pass holders will share this large pot of money. At the end of the day, each person will receive around $67.41. 

While this number is certainly not as large as many Disney Park fans were hoping to receive, it is commendable that this lawsuit was able to make it this far. Fans standing up for what they deserve and seeking justice for Disney’s actions is incredibly cool to see.

If you are a Magic Key holder who is eligible to receive this payout, you can expect to receive an email soon.

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