Just Days After Its Unveiling, New Walt Disney Statue Breaks

EPCOT Breakdown
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This is not a good look for Disney…

Every year, millions of fans travel to each incredible Disney Park to get a taste of the spectacular attractions, entertainment, and offerings they have to offer. At Disney, each guest can indulge in their magical dreams and let the magic of the Disney Parks take them on a spectacular adventure.

For fans who truly love all things Disney, there is one man who receives most of their recognition: Walt Disney. As the creator of The Walt Disney Company and their respective theme parks, Walt is the reason we have the theme parks today.

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To honor him, EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort recently installed a new Walt Disney attraction to pay homage to the visionary himself. Unfortunately, that laugh has not gone off as smoothly as hoped.

Paying Respect to Walt Takes a Disappointing Turn

Earlier this month, the world-renowned EPCOT theme park unveiled a magnificent masterpiece that has captured the hearts and imaginations of visitors from all corners of the globe – the awe-inspiring “Walt the Dreamer” statue. This extraordinary sculpture, which was unveiled years ago at the D23 expo, is a testament to the visionary genius and enduring legacy of Walt Disney, the man who brought Disney magic to the world.

Situated in the new ‘Dreamers Point’ location within World Celebration at EPCOT, the Walt the Dreamer statue serves as a powerful symbol of inspiration and creativity, reminding guests of the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through dreams and determination. This captivating Dreamer statue depicts Walt Disney in a seated pose that he was known for. Guests can come and sit with Walt to share a special once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

EPCOT Dreamers Point

Credit: Disney

New Statue Suffers From Break

Unfortunately, just days after the statue’s December 5th opening, there are already some major issues coming up. Fans visiting the statue at night have noticed that one of the light bulbs used to illuminate Walt has gone out. This has resulted in his lighting looking less than spectacular. Fans are beginning to complain that they cannot see “Walt the Dreamer” at night or take a decent picture with him.

While this issue is a bummer, many fans still see “Walt the Dreamer” as a massive success for the theme park. Beyond its sheer aesthetic beauty, the bronze statue holds profound cultural significance and fulfillment for fans of Walt. It serves as a poignant reminder of the undying legacy of Walt Disney, the visionary who forever revolutionized the world of animation, entertainment, and storytelling. Walt Disney’s realized dream for popular culture and the global entertainment industry is immeasurable, and this statue stands as a tribute to his incredible contributions.

Hopefully, Walt Disney Imagineering will be able to fix this problem quickly so fans will be able to return to enjoying the statue in all its glory.

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