Concern Grows as Disney’s New Attraction Allegedly Causes Asthma Attacks

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Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney park operations.

Disney is currently in the midst of introducing several new attraction offerings at the Disney theme parks worldwide. For eager fans who look forward to each and every new Disney addition, this Spring and Summer has been an incredibly exciting time. One of the first major attraction debuts was the Smellephants on Parade, a unique interactive “search-and-sniff” experience offered at Magic Kingdom Park.

While some appreciate the whimsical nature of this attraction, others find it to be strange. Concerns have also been raised due to the ride’s sponsor, Scentsy, which is thought of by many as a pyramid scheme. Now, another significant concern has been raised by fans, this time over a potential health risk the attraction could have.

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Smellephants on Parade concept art

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Is Smellephants on Parade a Health Concern?

As they make their way through the Storybook Circus area, the Smellephants on Parade spread a wave of fragrances representing different kinds of circus foods and desserts. Guests are instructed by Timothy Q Mouse to search out the different Smellephants and identify them on their map.

To some, the Smellephants on Parade is a true testament to the creative imagination of Walt Disney Imagineering. It is certainly one of Disney’s more unique attractions, and for that reason, many fans really appreciate the offering. However, many others find the scents to be overwhelming instead of endearing.

storybook circus at disney world

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Fans have begun making comments online about how the scents from these statues could potentially trigger asthma attacks for guests. Some people with asthma are triggered by intense smells, making these claims have some validity. While no incidents due to this Disney experience have been reported as of now, some are feeling on edge. One TikTok user says:

“Yuck. I have asthma that is set off by really strong scents. Really wish that they didn’t have this.”

Disney World third-party tour guides - Disney's governing district - Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration comes to and end: fans react

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Should You Be Concerned?

While Disney does pump strong scents all over the parks, these scents may cause some extra sensitivity for certain Walt Disney World Resort guests who are more vulnerable. However, with no major reports noted to the public since its debut, it is fair to say that the scent levels of this attraction may be safe for the general public. If you are concerned about being affected, this theme park area should generally be easy to avoid.

While this park offering is certainly not receiving the best reviews from fans, it is exciting to see more free offerings at the theme parks. The Walt Disney Company always takes guest safety very seriously, so any serious concerns about the smells at this attraction should be reported directly to guest services or an available cast member. What do you think about this new Disney attraction?

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