Inaugural Disney Offering Plagued by Chaos, Ruined for Guests

Disney Dream Cruise Ship
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Disney Cruise Line recently opened its brand new Port Everglades location in Fort Lauderdale as a permanent departure point for its various vessels. However, the Disney Dream cruise ship’s inaugural sailing from the new port hasn’t been a good experience.

Disney Cruise Line Mickey and Minnie

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The Disney Dream Cruise Ship

The Disney Dream is one of Disney Cruise Line’s most popular ships, setting sail on its maiden voyage in January 2011. With a large capacity of around 4,000 passengers and a gross tonnage of approximately 130,000 tons, the ship is designed with a classic ocean liner aesthetic infused with Disney magic.

Like its counterparts, the ship features iconic Disney characters and themes throughout, creating a whimsical atmosphere for guests.

Entertainment on the Disney Dream includes Broadway-style shows like Disney’s Believe, thrilling water coaster experiences with the Aquaduck, and various live performances, deck parties, and character meet-and-greets.

The dining experience is characterized by rotational dining, where guests move through different themed restaurants each night, accompanied by dedicated serving staff.

The ship offers a range of staterooms to accommodate families of different sizes, with some rooms featuring virtual portholes providing real-time sea views.

Youth clubs, adult-only areas, and various dining options contribute to the ship’s appeal to families and adults alike. Itineraries for the Disney Dream typically include short cruises to the Bahamas and longer voyages to the Caribbean, often featuring a stop at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

Disney Cruise Line Fleet

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Inaugural Disney Dream Port Everglades Problems

While the Disney Dream normally operates out of Port Canaveral, the ship has recently moved to its new home at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. However, it looks like its inaugural November 20 sailing out of the new port has been met with some major mishaps.

According to Theme Park Express on Twitter/X, the Disney Dream did not leave at the anticipated time for its first-ever sailing out of Port Everglades. The ship remained in Fort Lauderdale into the evening.

While it eventually sailed, Disney Cruise Line kept the reasoning vague and only mentioned a delay. However, this wasn’t the end of the story.

The Disney Dream still has yet to leave Port Everglades on its first ever voyage from its new home port. My parents have not heard any announcements recently other than one stating the departure would be delayed.

According to Theme Park Express, the Disney Dream was forced to turn around and return to Port Everglades the following morning for an undisclosed medical emergency. Guests were informed that they would arrive late to Castaway Cay and were not informed if their time on Disney’s private island would be shortened.

The Disney Dream returned to Port Everglades early this morning due to a medical evacuation. They were scheduled for Castaway Cay today but will now be arriving “after lunch time” according to the captain. No word on how long guests will be staying on the island.

No additional information has been provided on the nature of the emergency or delays. However, these problems are not uncommon when sailing on a cruise ship. Passengers must be aware that incidents can happen.

These setbacks will likely make the inaugural sailing out of Port Everglades a less-than-ideal experience. Nevertheless, it is important to note that most Disney Dream cruise ship vacations are an amazing time for everyone.

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