How Disney Will Revive the Magic In 2024

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2024 is right around the corner, and if you are a Disney fan, there are some essential dates you need to know as we head into the new year. This new year will significantly impact the overall experience at Walt Disney World and major Disney changes are coming.

Some of these changes are the biggest we have seen since Walt Disney World reopened in 2020. To ensure you are ready and prepared, we will run through some key dates and how they will impact your trip.

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January 2024 Is HUGE

After the start of the year, Walt Disney World guests will experience some significant changes to their overall vacation experience. Although these changes will be implemented at the start of 2024, all guests who travel to Walt Disney World will be impacted. Ensure you know these changes so you aren’t caught off guard during your trip.

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Disney Changes Park Hopping

Starting on Janurary 9, 2024, guests who have added a Park Hopper to their Walt Disney World ticket can use this feature any time throughout the day. Previously, guests with a Park Hopper option could only use this option after 2:00 p.m. This limited the benefit of this feature drastically.

Moving into the new year, guests can move between the four Disney Parks whenever they want. This will make this feature a lot more valuable. Guests will be able to move between Disney Parks throughout their trip quickly. Spend a few quick hours in Magic Kingdom and then hit up the food booths at the newest Disney festival for the afternoon.

For those who don’t choose to add a Park Hopper to their tickets, this new feature will still impact their overall experience. Because guests and crowds can move between the four central Disney Parks daily, we could see a massive increase in crowds.

Although we won’t know the complete impact that the return of Park Hopping will have on guests’ experiences at Walt Disney World, we know that being able to hop anytime during the day makes this ticket feature a lot more valuable.

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No More Park Reservations

Another significant change coming in January 2024 will be the removal of Park Pass Reservations for date-based tickets. Guest who purchase tickets along with their Disney vacation package or date base tickets will no longer be required to make Theme Park Reservations starting Janurary 9, 2024.

This means that guests can select which Disney Park they want to visit each day that morning. Even though most Disney guests have always had a general park plan, lifting the Park Pass Reservations requirements will give guests more flexibility throughout their vacation.

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Disney Dining Plans Return

Finally, January 9, 2024, will be huge as Disney Dining Plans return. Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort can now add one of two dining plans to their Walt Disney World vacation packages. These two dining plans allow guests to make their Disney vacation feel more all-inclusive.

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By adding a Disney Dining Plan, guests prepay for dining before arriving at Walt Disney World. Once at Disney, guests then use credits to purchase snacks and meals throughout the Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs.

This can make dining at Walt Disney World a lot less stressful. Many Disney fans are thrilled that this feature is back in 2024.

These three significant changes will be coming to Walt Disney World on Janurary 9, 2024. If you travel to Walt Disney World in 2024, knowing about these three significant changes will be essential, as all three will impact the overall vacation experience.

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