Headed to Disney This Summer? We’ve Got Good News!

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If you’ve tried to fly since Memorial Day you’ve probably noticed something: flights were being canceled. Thousands of Disney vacationers found themselves stranded. The airline industry was in chaos for the first half of the summer leaving many without a way to or from their travel destinations. Pilot shortages were a large part of the problem, but there was plenty of blame to go around with each sector pointing the finger at another for the reason so many flights were unable to take off.

If you’re headed to a Disney destination this summer this crisis likely has you more than a little nervous but the GOOD news is that experts are saying the worst of it is over!

In an interview with CNBC Delta CEO Ed Bastian discusses what he thinks went wrong and why it’s no longer such an issue.

 “When the travel season hit and Americans tired of being cooped up decided it was time to travel, they booked a flight. There was a surge in demand.

“When spring came and the huge surge came we all stretched ourselves to do everything we could to take in and capture as much of that revenue [as possible]. We pushed too hard and we scaled back a bit. We’ve got our constraints in place” -Delta CEO Ed Bastian

Ed Bastian on pilot shortage

Credit: Delta Airlines

This very candid admission has been echoed by others in the industry. Bastian and other Airline officials seem to believe that they’re scaled back schedules have prepared them to meet the demand for the rest of the summer.

If you’re planning a trip to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year the news may be even better! Bastian went on to surmise that the current sky high prices would not last and that by Fall we should start to see prices start to decline some. That’s just one more reason to look forward to Spooky Season this year!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party pilot shortage

Credit: Disney

Are you planning to fly to Disney Parks any time soon? If so let us know in the comments how confident you are in your flight taking off as scheduled!


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