Guests Outraged After Disney Changes 31-Year-Old Show

Fantasmic Disneyland
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Disneyland, the brainchild of Walt Disney himself, is a legendary and iconic theme Park located in Anaheim, California. It opened its gates for the first time on July 17, 1955, and since then, it has been captivating the hearts and imaginations of Disneyland Guests from around the globe. As the first Disneyland Park, it set the standard for themed entertainment and has become a symbol of childhood wonder and joy. Disneyland Resort is now home to two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Each Disney Park includes different attractions, lands, and experiences for Guests to experience.

Mickey Mouse at Fantasmic

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Guests heading to Disneyland Park have been dealing with changes due to the fire with Fantasmic! that happened last year. During the fire, Guests on Splash Mountain saw the images of Maleficent burning to the ground and Disneyland Guests watching the show.

Fantasmic at Walt Disney World with Moana

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While Fantasmic! is closed, the show will be returning. Disney announced that the show would extend its hiatus until spring 2024 and come with new changes that Guests are torn about. When Fantasmic! returns, it will open without Maleficent but will have all-new special effects. Since Fantasmic! is closed this summer, Disney has replaced the show with Jambalaya Jazz Band has been performing nightly for Guests to experience.

Fantasmic at Walt Disney World with Steamboat Willie

Credit: Disney

In a social media post, Disney Guests shared that they are torn about what the new show might entail.Guest have complained about when it returns that it will not be the same great Fantasmic! show that they’ve come to love.

“It says its returning with “exciting new magic”. They are probably going to be doing something else. Doubt it will be as good as the actual dragon but hopefully not as bad as B mode.

Like you said, it wouldn’t take 8 months otherwise.”

Several other Guests talk about how Maleficent made the show and they are unsure how to feel when Fantasmic! opens back up.

At this time, Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios remains unaffected by the closure or the changes being made, so Guests will still be able to see Maleficent there.

What are your thoughts on Fantasmic! changes?

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