Guest Wants to Experience Character Dining…Without the Characters?

A Disney VIP Tour Guide Experience could include Character Dining
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Walt Disney World is known for making the Disney magic come true (case in point: it’s literally known as the Most Magical Place on Earth). But sometimes, Guests would like to experience the Disney magic…without the magic part.


Credit: Disney

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One of the most remarkable aspects of visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT is the character meet-and-greet interactions. Seeing your favorite Disney character walking around the theme park brings the magic to life in a totally concrete way, and it never gets old!

The Walt Disney Company capitalizes on this in a few ways, but one of the most effective ways is with Disney Character Dining experiences.

Topolino's Terrace

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As the name suggests, Character Dining experiences involve eating at one of the more excellent Disney restaurants and watching in awe as certain Disney characters make appearances. As expected, these experiences are incredibly pricey, but for many, the experience is worth the cost.

During a Character Dining reservation, Guests are guaranteed an interaction, a picture, and an autograph. Anyone from Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck to a beloved Disney Princess can make an appearance, depending on the restaurant. It sounds like every Disney fan’s dream come true, right? Wrong!

Can I request for characters to skip my table at character dining restaurants?
by u/katiepov in WaltDisneyWorld

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One fan recently took to social media, asking others for advice on how to experience Disney Character Dining…without interacting with any of the characters.

Immediately, the replies poured in, and they were as confused as expected.

One Reddit user gave some excellent advice, writing, “You can but most of the character dining restaurants aren’t exactly known for their AMAZING food – you might want to try some of the fancier restaurants in the resorts if you’re just there for the food.”

Another Reddit user took a more direct approach, writing, “Character dining is expensive and kind of hard to book. If it were me and I was paying $50+ for dinner I would go elsewhere. But yes they can skip your table.”

A different Reddit user asked a question of their own in the comments, as they wrote, “There isn’t a single character meal that I would go to for the food. Anyone??

Cinderella's Royal Table

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Of course, to each their own; a Disney vacation deserves to be spent however a Guest would prefer. But it can’t be denied that this is a strange request!

How do you feel about Character Dining experiences? Is the more intimate character meet-and-greet worth the cost? Would you be willing to pay for Character Dining without interacting with the characters? Let us know!

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