Disney Adult Steals Magical Moment From Child

Mickey mouse with a young woman and two children skipping with balloons
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Guests traveling from abroad visit Disney parks worldwide daily to experience magic. However, one guest claims that the magic was stolen, and they’re fearless in pointing fingers at who’s responsible.

Each day, guests travel to the Disney Parks to enjoy thrilling attractions, spectacular entertainment, and delicious food. But most of all, people arrive at the Disney Resort excited to create once-in-a-lifetime memories with friends and family.

For 100 years, The Walt Disney Company has built a legacy of welcoming guests to “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

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Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Greg Park, Unsplash

Disneyland in California was Disney’s first theme park, opening in 1955. The Walt Disney World Resort followed close behind, opening in 1971 in Florida. Disney World includes four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

As Disney expanded, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Tokyo, Tokyo DisneySea, Disney California Adventure Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland followed. The Disney Parks see all kinds of guests, but lately, one group has been gaining attention.

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Disney Adults

Could an adults-only disney resort replace the galactic starcruiser?

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The term “Disney Adult” is far from new, but lately, it’s back in the news again.

Disney adult describes adults who love Disney, investing time and money into visiting the parks and enjoying the experiences Disney has to offer. However, according to some guests, these Disney adults are getting out of hand and becoming a problem for everyone visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

When Walt Disney created Disneyland, he spoke about his inspiration for the park. He said,

“Disneyland really began when my two daughters were very young. Saturday was always Daddy’s Day and I would take them to the merry-go-round, and sit on a bench eating peanuts while they rode. And sitting there alone, I felt there should be something built, some kind of family park where parents and children could have fun together.”

I wonder if Walt Disney would’ve believed in the idea of Disney adults because, to some extent, Walt Disney himself could be considered the very first Disney adult. However, it seems that despite Walt’s ideals, guests are sharing their frustrations on social media once again toward these Disney fans.

Disney adults have received criticism in the past, as many people on social media express strong opinions about Disney World being just for kids and not adults.

Disney Adult Steals the Magic

A woman smiles and holds her mouse-ear headband with both hands. The headband features red and white stripes, stars, and an "A" in the center. She wears a blue sweater with a Captain America shield emblem. The sky is clear and blue in the background.

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Guests took to social media to speak out about how Disney adults are ruining their vacations, especially for their children.

Reddit Statement about Adult Ruining Disney Trip

Credit: Reddit

One user shared that the Fairy Godmother reached out for their daughter during a parade, but an adult guest next to her pushed her daughter’s hand out of the way. They said, “It would of been such a magical moment for her,” however, according to this parent, the neighboring adult touched the Fairy Godmother instead, stealing the magical moment.

byu/Current_Philosophy24 from discussion

Other guests spoke out in agreement with this parent’s frustration, saying Disney adults need to “grow up and get a life and stop ruining children’s magic.” However, no matter what you believe about Disney adults, everyone agrees that the magic shouldn’t be ruined for anyone, especially younger guests.

One self-proclaimed Disney adult even spoke out in the comments, saying that the behavior had more to do with the guest than their love for Disney. They supported the idea that everyone should be respected and that they should look out for those around them. They said, “I’m a Disney adult… I might miss out on a hug from Pluto but I can live with it.”

byu/Current_Philosophy24 from discussion

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No matter the age, the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort should be enjoyed. We can only hope that this negative park behavior improves so that everyone can make special memories during their Disney vacation.

Do you feel like adults are ruining the magic for kids in the Disney parks? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. It feels more and more that these Disney Adults are acting more like children for several reasons. The first being more of they’re overgrown spoiled brats that aren’t used to not getting what they want. That level of immaturity further affects their thinking and this the childish nature comes out.

    The second reason I’ve notice is one that is growing fast and not in a good way. Internet clout. Yes, as much as everyone uses social media, some use it in a very negative way. These people, while not all are bad, tend to act up when their phones are rolling. And of course that means content. “OMG I touched fingers with the fairy godmother 😱 ❤️” You know you can see it plastered on TikTok now.

    And the third reason… these immature adults.simply never grew up at all. Everything is all about them, and no one takes away their experience! If they don’t get their way, temper tantrums are sure to follow.

    I’m now 51 years old. I love Disney. I consider myself a Disney Adult. However, it isn’t hard to figure out right from wrong, and I would gladly be willing to help a child see their favorite character, receive the magic they still hold dear, and see them smile, rather than be a selfish adult that thinks that magic belongs only to themselves. “Disneyland is a parents and children alike can experience magic and wonder.”

    • I made a typo in the end there… I forgot to put “is a place where parents and children alike…”

      My bad. Oopsies.

    • I enjoy Disneyland now as much as I did in my childhood. To me the Disney experience is seeing children experience that same joy, like my daughter’s very first trip to this special place. I can’t understand why anyone would want to ruin that. These kids should be having the time of their lives. That includes rude parents. These adults do need to grow up.

    • How terribly sad…
      Shame on them.

    • I consider myself a Disney adult, but the key word is adult. I would never take the magic away from a child. Unfortunately, it seems like these days, poor manners are way too common. When I went to Disneyland this last August, I was holding onto my husband’s backpack to keep us together and someone literally tried to rip my hand away. I never used to experience behavior like that and I’ve been going for 50 years.

      • I’m going back to Disney World for my 70th birthday and I love it. I don’t jump in front of kids or steal their magic but parents shouldn’t expect their child to be front and center at all times.

  2. Disneyland is a PLACE where parents and kids alike can experience magic and wonder.

    My mistake, completely forgot the word Place in there. LoL

  3. What about the pushy parents that shove their children in front of you without even saying a word of excuse mwhat do you say to them?????

    • I’m sure Walt would love Disney adults. Walt realised the need for the parks to make money, the biggest demographic spending money on merch, dining and themed insta worth snacks would be cashed up millennials with no kids.

      Having said that, as an adult with no kids who enjoys Disney parks and cruises, absolutely the kids should be front and centre to recive a high five from the fairy god mother and other characters. I hope their parents didn’t push them to the front of the queue 2 minutes before the parade started though.

    • Exactly. Parents think their ankle biters have priorities.

  4. It saddens me how people don’t even realize that acting like that goes against every value, moral, and lesson that Disney is intended to represent. Every Disney film I’ve ever seen has taught me to respect others, everyone deserves a little magic, and stealing is wrong

  5. Disneyland would be so much better without all the children, seriously have you not got school to attend. And all those bloody prams. Leave the kids at home and enjoy a fun day out overpaying for everything.

    • This is so true, let the kids go to Disneyland after they have jobs and can pay for it themselves. Child free days would help, perhaps every Wednesday is adults only?

  6. For me, a true Disney Adult won’t need to shove children away from magical interactions as they are frequent park goers and can exprience it any time they want.

    Disney Adults would encourage the interaction between the character and child and cheer it on from the side line.

    Disney Adults are adults, the ones who are the passholders. The kids, they are there on what is most likely a once in a lifetime trip.

  7. A true Disney adult wants to share their love of Disney, especially with the young ones. A true Disney adult tries to find ways to share the magic, not ruin the magic. These fools are not Disney adults, but Disney duds.

    • I had the opposite problem. I’m a Disney adult & was in my late 20’s at my very 1st trip to a Disney Park. Disney World to be exact. I was looking forward to Splash Mountain & had told my family that was the only ride pic I wanted because they’re always the funniest. I spent years seeing all my friends pics & was so jealous & depressed I had never been there. After waiting in line forever I had so much fun on the ride but when I went to get my pic the 2 kids in front of me had flipped off the camera so I couldn’t have my pic. They stole my magical moment

  8. The problem is not Disney adults but Rude people! Not all Disney adults are rude and not all children are angels.

  9. I would consider myself a Disney adult. Sometimes we go as a family and my kids husband, and I and we enjoy it. I have gone with just my best friend for my birthday, but whether I’m with my kids or having an adult trip, it’s always don’t steal the magic from anybody else and don’t have a me first attitude. I’m raising my kids that way and I expect the same out of me. However, I’ve got to say that a lot of times it’s the other parents that are bigger issues. I have had parents push my kid out of the way and push their kid forward while waiting in lines for characters or fireworks etc.

  10. Taking a step back, and indeed as a Disney adult surely everyone, no matter rheir age deserves that magic. You might be 6 ir 36, but it might still be your first time abd all of us should have a chance to have that magic.

    If this story is true, then perhaps someone there could have spoken to this person.

    I just came back today and I’ll be honest, the parents who let their kids squeal and scream on the rides, making it imposdible for others to hear (had this happen everytime on kilamanjaro Safaris) and allow their children to stand up and hang over the sides of the ride are more dangerous, irresponsible and selfish than any Disney adult I’ve come across

    • Little do these parents realize, their kids are gonna grow up to be these quote, adults that they can’t stand! Thats what happens when you don’t teach your kids self restraint.

  11. Kathy Wesserling

    We 3 sisters (2 handicapped on Amigos); are all in our 70s now. We come the week after Thanksgiving to enjoy Christmas at WDW. We’re constantly on the lookout for unattended children and inattentive adults who cut in front of us without warning, only to be cussed at by the adults because they ran into the Amigo.

    At parades, when we are pulled up to the curbs, we often ask parents if they’ll let their child stand next to us to get a better view.

    The worst adults are the one with their phone cameras reaching out in front of people/children trying to view the characters and float. I’m a photographer and the only face my camera is in front of is mine!

    So, basically I’m now the target of complainers on 2:fronts…Adult Fan and Amigo User.

  12. The term “Disney Adult” being an overall negative description of any adult going to Disney without children is not valid. I have been going to Disney parks for over 50-years, first with my parents, then with my children and now with my grandchildren. I did have the opportunity to go to WDW just with my wife several years ago, so does that make me a bad “Disney Adult”? People going there with kids have the ability to act like total jerks to fellow Disney fans as well as Castmembers and I have seen that plenty of times over the years. Over the past decades it is just our society in general having more and more people who feel they are somehow entitled and above everyone else around them wherever they go and never think of others. You can experience this anywhere, its just how too many people act – like entitled brats who can do anything they want without consequence. Also, due to social media craze, many people want to air out their complaints about anything and just rant.

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