Guest Claims Sexual Assault by “Crappy” Disney Adult

Disneyland guest sexual assault
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Every day, thousands of people visit Disneyland Resort, ready to binge on churros, ride classic attractions like the Matterhorn, and dance along to incredible fireworks shows like Mickey’s Mix Magic. And that’s just at Disneyland Park! We can’t forget about rides like Radiator Springs Racers, fabulous drinks like the R&D Martini at Pym’s Tasting Lab, and World of Color over at Disney California Adventure. It truly is “The Happiest Place on Earth!”

Unfortunately, for one guest, their happy day reportedly turned into anything but while they were waiting for the Magic Happens parade in Disneyland Park.

WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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Redditor u/Electronic_Load_5102 alleged they were sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for the parade to start. They claimed an older woman walked up behind them, stuck their foot under the Redditor’s behind, and wiggled her toes.

The Original Poster (OP) claimed they moved repeatedly, but the woman would move up and do the same thing. They also claimed the woman dropped her purse on them on purpose so she could lean down and touch them.

Disney parking

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Here is the Redditor’s full post.

Recently I ( a teenager/ minor) went to Disneyland. A lot of the people at Disney are creepy and rude. During the parade I was sitting on the ground (I have chronic back pain) and this probably 50 year old woman behind me was being to creepy. This women fully knowing I am a minor stuck her foot under my bum and wiggles her toes. This felt sexual. She was trying to get me to move by sexually touching me. So I moved forward a bit. She did this again. And again. And again. I feel so dirty. I’ve been sexually abused before and this really made me feel horrible. Later she had some kind of purse and totally dropped it on me (on purpose) and didn’t apologize. She was so rude and basically sexually assaulted me at Disney land. I’m so upset this ruined my whole Disney experience. Not to mention her also stepping on my hands. This was unexpected as Disney land is supposed to be the happiest place on earth. I don’t feel happy I feel gross and dirty. I hate myself so much for not shoving her foot away and telling her off..

magic happens parade disneyland park mickey mouse moana floats

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Sadly, some commenters did not believe the OP, who also claimed they were a minor. Some refused to believe that a person would freeze up and not react to someone assaulting them.

Next time say something or get up and walk away from the situation

Some even went so far as to call the OP a troll, claiming that teenagers could not have chronic back pain.

Troll post, but I, too, love to sit there and not do anything at all in a VERY PUBLIC PLACE with ROAMING SECURITY GUARDS when I feel uncomfortable and then cry online about it hours later.

Also, bonus points for being a “teenager/minor” with “chronic back pain” and creating a masterful caricature of an insufferable, tumblr-brained sadsack.

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However, OP refused to back down. They claimed that they had proof they were at the theme park that day, and that they paid hundreds of dollars for physical therapy. They even went so far as to cite their specific medical condition.

I do have chronic back pain. I pay 300$ a week to go to therapy. This is real. The security guards were more focused on other things. Your the sad sack and it shows. Maybe stop clenching into making people feel bad as a source of your happiness. I would NEVER joke about this

I have gluteus medius weakness with pelvic instability, And iliolumbar syndrome, and ankle instability This is not because I sit in a gaming chair all day or something I have weak muscles that don’t work. It’s from carring heavy backpacks around. It’s not from being lazy

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Thankfully, there were some commenters who supported the OP, told them they understood their reaction, and encouraged them to stand their ground.

The downvotes in this thread are depressing as hell. That’s so gross that that happened to you OP, I’m so sorry. I would’ve probably frozen up too, like what do you do in a situation where the second you make an accusation against an older person being gross to you you’ll be surrounded by a crowd who will likely be on their side?

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Please remember, that no one has the right to touch you in a way you do not want to be touched. There is help available, whether you are at Disneyland, or somewhere else. If you are at Disneyland, we encourage you to reach out to the nearest cast member or security guard.

You can also reach out to the National Sexual Abuse Hotline. Counselors are standing by and ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach out to them by calling 1-800-656-4673. You can also visit the RAINN website, which has a chat available 24/7 as well.

Have you ever seen poor/inappropriate behavior by an adult at Disney? Let us know in the comments. 

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