Frightening Nazi Rally Held Right Outside Walt Disney World

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WARNING: This article contains explicit and offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

When visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, each Guest should feel safe, sound, and secure. Unfortunately, the United States feels more unsafe with each passing day, including beloved theme parks like Walt Disney World.

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It’s no secret that culture wars in the United States have had many of us feeling on edge in recent years. Personal rights and freedoms are always up for debate, the safety of the citizens often feels less like a priority and more like a poorly managed obligation, and worst of all, profit is chosen over people in nearly every circumstance.

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Gun violence is at an all-time high, and 2023 alone has seen more shootings than there have been days in the year. Children no longer feel safe in schools, and many adults no longer feel entirely safe in public.

Unfortunately, that feeling of personal safety is even more elusive for minorities as extremists make their dangerous and hateful opinions known, loudly and proudly, with little to no repercussions. In these frightening times, nothing is safe, and nothing is sacred. Not even Walt Disney World and Universal.

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If you’re a local or a frequent visitor, you know that I-4 is the country’s kingdom of theme parks. Everything from SeaWorld to Universal to Walt Disney World to other well-known theme parks is accessible by this highway. It’s a super popular highway, and it sees a vast amount of traffic each day.

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Unfortunately, some locals were recently driving down the highway when they were met with an unpleasant sight: a literal Nazi rally. The original video can be found here (be advised, this video contains explicit language, viewer discretion is advised). The threatening banners read, “BAN F*GG*TS NOT GUNS” and “END ABORTION SAVE WHITE BABIES.”

Anyone familiar with this route knows that Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World are only a few miles from this display. Unfortunately, locals will know that Nazi rallies like this one aren’t uncommon in the Orlando area.

Take extreme caution if you’re traveling to Central Florida or visiting a theme park soon.

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