First Things We Do When Arriving at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

If you are headed to Magic Kingdom, you will want to make sure to do these things when you first arrive at the most magical place on Earth.


1. Take a picture in front of the train station

Before you even enter the streets of the Magic Kingdom, you will want to stop and take a picture in front of the train station.  Although most think of the castle when they think of Magic Kingdom, the train is just as iconic.  With beautiful flowers and holiday decorations throughout the year, this is a photo spot you won’t want to miss.

2. Take in the small details

As you travel under the train station and into the Magic Kingdom, make sure to take in the plaque that welcomes guests.  On this plaque is “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy” which reminds us all of Walt’s dream and vision.   As you walk through the tunnel, take notice of the different posters that represent rides of the past and how things have changed in the park over time.  These are both great tributes to the magic that this park has always brought to guests.

3. Picture with Roy and Minnie

Most guests will rush right down Main Street USA to head to the castle or their first ride of the day, but we suggest stopping by to take a picture with Roy and Minnie.  Located right in the middle with the main flag pole, this bench reminds us all of how these two also helped bring the magic to Disney World.  It is a beautiful picture as you can capture the castle in the background.

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4. Take in the smells

Disney does a great job at playing at all of our senses including smell.  As you enter Magic Kingdom, make sure to take a minute to take in the smells.  Our family truly believes that the best popcorn in the whole world is located right as you enter Magic Kingdom near City Hall.  The buttery smell welcomes you to the show.  Also, is the delicious smell of the Confectionary.  As Disney cast members work to create delicious treats, the sweet aroma will pull you in as you walk by.

5. Grab a treat on Main Street

While walking down Main Street, USA consider starting the day off with a treat.  You are on vacation, right?  The Confectionary has tons of delicious treats as does the Main Street Bakery where you can find your favorite Starbucks drink.  Grab something as you slowly stroll down the streets and take in the magic.

6. Grab those extras

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, Disney offers celebration buttons at the City Hall.  Make sure you grab one so everyone can help you celebrate your birthday, anniversary, graduation or anything else. Also located as the front of the park is the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  This is a fun interactive game that kids, and adults, can play throughout Magic Kingdom.  As you need to get your start at the front of the park, we suggest getting these as you start your day so you don’t have to back track.  

7. Picture with Walt and the Castle

One thing that is absolutely a must each and every time we head to Magic Kingdom is to take a picture with the partner statue and the castle.  These icons are symbols of the magic and something we want to make sure we capture each and every trip.  We typically do it in the morning as crowds are less allowing for an emptier picture.

Credit: Disney

8. Walk through the Castle

As you get ready to start your day, consider a walk through the castle.  It is truly magical walking through the castle and emerging into Fantasyland.  Slow down and take in the five mosaics that show a version of Cinderella in a beautiful display of colors.  This is something that helps start the day with a sense of wonder and magic like no other.  

9. Head to favorite land

The final thing we do when we arrive at Magic Kingdom is to head to our favorite land.  Once it is getting close to park opening, we make our way to the land we want to start on that day.  From Frontierland to Tomorrowland, each land provides magic and adventure that will bring magic and fun to all.  

These are just a few things that we do first when we arrive at Magic Kingdom.  Sometimes it is hard to force yourself to slow down, but there is so much detail and magic throughout the park that we really encourage you to do some of these things first before rushing off to rides and shows for the rest of the day.  It is a wonderful way to take in the magic.

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