Find Out If Your Haunted Mansion Knowledge Is Scary Good

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Is your Haunted Mansion knowledge scary good? Why not take a quick quiz to challenge yourself! D23 has shared 10 questions. Write down your answers and see how many you get right! Better yet, test your friends and family members. Have a hauntingly fun trivia time!


Many Disney fans count themselves as ghostly geniuses when it comes to Haunted Mansion facts—after all, with such a storied history and with so many hidden details to find, learning about the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is a guaranteed ghoulish good time for everyone. One thing in particular that has entranced fans is the attraction’s famous script, full of well-loved puns and iconic turns of phrase. Do you count yourself among the foolish mortals who can recite along with the Ghost Host and sing with the spirits? Take our quiz to test your Haunted Mansion knowledge now! Scroll down for the answers, and to see how hauntingly good your trivia knowledge is.

1. When hinges creak in doorless chambers…
A) and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls
B) and candle lights flicker, where the air is deathly still
C) and there’s a knock on the door, and no one outside
D) and the house is empty, but footsteps echo through the halls

2. Our tour begins here in this gallery, where you see paintings of some of our guests as they appeared in their…
A) Corruptible, mortal state
B) Cadaverous, mortal state
C) Unfortunately mortal state
D) Frightened, mortal statue

3. Oh, I didn’t mean to __________ you prematurely
A) Free you
B) Leave you
C) Meet you
D) Frighten you

4. Every room has _______________ and hot and cold running chills
A) Flickering candlelight
B) Spectral snacks
C) Wall-to-wall creeps
D) Ghoulish

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5. Rap on a table, it’s time to respond…
A) Let there be music from regions beyond!
B) Send us a message from somewhere beyond!
C) Tell us a secret from the beyond!
D) Awaken the sprits from somewhere beyond

6. Wizards and witches, where ever _____/Give us a hint ________
A) You dwell/by ringing a bell
B) You’ve been/with your tambourine
C) You’re at/with a little black bat
D) You are/with a shooting star

7. Which is NOT a phrase you can hear Constance Hatchaway say in the attic?
A) As long as we both shall live
B) In sickness… and in wealth
C) To love and to… perish
D) You may now kiss the bride

8. Finish the lyric: “Happy haunts materialize…”
A) Rise as spooks of every size
B) They pretend to terrorize
C) Start to shriek and harmonize
D) And begin to vocalize

9. Finish the lyric: “When the crypt doors creak and the…”
A) Candlelight flickers
B) Tombstones quake
C) Creeps come out
D) Moon climbs high

10. If you decide to join us,
A) Be sure to bring your death certificate
B) The haunting’s free!
C) Rest in peace…
D) Make final arrangements now

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Correct Answers:

1. A) and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls
2. A) Corruptible, mortal state
3. D) Frighten you
4. C) Wall-to-wall creeps
5. B) Send us a message from somewhere beyond!
6. A) You dwell/by ringing a bell
7. C) To love and to… perish
8. D) And begin to vocalize
9. B) Tombstones quake
10. D) Make final arrangements now

If you got…

Foolish Mortal
It seems as though you still firmly rooted in the realm of the living, because you have a lot to learn about regions beyond. Might me recommend giving Haunted Mansion another visit or two? If a ghost follows you home, it may be able to help you study up on your knowledge.

Mostly Ghostly
Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding—almost as though you’ve sensed you still have more to learn about Haunted Mansion. Don’t worry! The happy haunts are always willing to materialize for you any time you stop by.
Grim, Grinning Ghost
You must be exceptionally attuned to the spectral and spooky—your Haunted Mansion knowledge is almost perfect. Call in the spirits to brush up your knowledge, and soon you’ll be a know-it-all.

Happy Haunt
Pack your bags and get ready to become the one thousandth ghostly resident of Haunted Mansion, because you’re an expert! Your sympathetic vibrations (and robust knowledge) make you a perfect fit for this ghostly retreat.

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