Fans Are Outraged After Guest ASSAULTS Character Performer With ZERO Repercussions

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This kind of behavior is unacceptable!

Whether you’re a Disney fan, a Universal fan, or both, there is no denying that character performers are a key element of what makes the Disney Parks so special. Part of the joy of these theme parks is immersing yourself in the colorful, one-of-a-kind worlds they offer. Getting to witness your favorite characters wander around is one of the ways that Disney keeps that immersion alive.

Most guests think of character performers as essential and incredibly respected Cast Members or employees. Unfortunately, not all Guests share this feeling.

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The mistreatment of character performers by Guests is not a new phenomenon. Character performers in the past have described instances of being objectified, harassed, and even assaulted while on the job. Disney and Universal take the protection of their characters very seriously and have added positions like character attendants to try and ensure the safety of these performers. Unfortunately, there are still instances of bad Guest behavior happening all the time.

The most recent incident took place at a Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Orlando Resort. Every fall, thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts gather together to experience spine-chilling terror at Halloween Horror Nights. The event, which offers guests an unforgettable experience across numerous haunted houses, scare zones, and thrilling attractions, is one of the most famous Halloween events in the world.

This year’s event features numerous haunted houses, including ones based on Stranger Things, The Exorcist: Believe, The Last of Us, Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count, Universal Monsters: Unmasked, Dr. Oddfellow’s Twisted Origins, Dueling Dragons, Yeti Campground Kills, The Darkest Deal, and Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings. 

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Disgusting Behavior on Display at Halloween Horror Nights

There is no doubt that these haunted houses are very scary, and interacting with the character performers within them is certainly unusual. While you might typically not scream in terror when meeting a character, that is totally acceptable here. However, what is not acceptable is harassing and physically touching these performers in any way.

The haunted mansions at Halloween Horror Nights are carefully designed and orchestrated, meaning that while it may feel chaotic, everything is designed with Guest safety and enjoyability in mind. Even if a character might look like they are going to hurt you, that is certainly not the case.

One Guest, it seems, did not get that memo. X user @alyse_hendrix shared a startling story that has caused genuine upset within the theme park community. They explain;

“To the scareactor in the chair in exorcist who just got absolutely drenched by a guest dumping a WHOLE WATER BOTTLE on them, I am so sorry that happened to you. I was right behind that group and even my friend and even we got wet.

And the worst part is, they didn’t even get pulled to the side and get talked to. The fact that this just happened and they got away with it is genuinely unsettling.”

Fans in the comment section have immediately jumped to the defense of the scare actor. Having an entire bottle of water poured on you seems like an awful experience, and it is tragic that this performer had to experience that. Many fans have agreed that Universal Studios needs to have a zero-tolerance policy for visitors touching or assaulting the actors in any way.

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