EPCOT’s Most Beloved Attraction is Currently Down!

Journey Into Imagination With Figment at EPCOT
Credit: Jill Bivins

When you think of classic attractions at Walt Disney World, you probably think of Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain, Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest, Hollywood Studios’ Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, or EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth.

However, one of the most beloved Walt Disney World rides is EPCOT’s Journey Into Imagination With Figment, starring Dr. Nigel Channing and Figment himself!



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For those who don’t know, this classic ride can be found in the Imagination Pavilion in World Celebration, formerly known as Future World.

Journey Into Imagination

Credit: Disney

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The slow-moving attraction consists of a tour through Dr. Channing’s Imagination Institute, in which the scientist attempts to “prove how the 5 senses capture the imagination,” according to Walt Disney World Resort’s official website. Along the way, the tour of the Imagination Institute is interrupted by Figment, the lovable dragon.

Disney World Figment popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

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It may not be the most popular ride at EPCOT, especially now that Frozen Ever After, Guardian of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure have taken the bulk of the crowds. Despite the cult-classic-like nature of its following, Journey Into Imagination With Figment is a fan-favorite beloved by many.

However, this classic attraction is currently listed as ‘Temporarily Closed’ on the Walt Disney World mobile app.

temporarily closed

Credit: Walt Disney World Mobile App

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Although we don’t know why this attraction is temporarily closed, it’s worth noting that it’s over twenty years old. Two decades of constant operation can definitely cause some considerable wear and tear, along with technical difficulties.

Hopefully, Journey Into Imagination With Figment will be up and running soon. Maybe all that it needs is that ‘one little spark!’

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