Disney’s Bluey Takes a Pro-Palestinian Stance Amid Hamas-Israel War

bluey with palestinian flag
Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio/Canva

The world’s favorite animated blue heeler has reportedly taken sides amid the war between Hamas and Israel that began in early October, and she had little say in the matter.

bluey with palestinian flag

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio/Canva

Bluey has taken the world of children’s educational programming to new heights, becoming the most-watched children’s television show in the United States–and even more popular in the show’s home of Australia.

Commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC and created by Australian animator Joe Brumm, Bluey, which tells the story of the Heeler family, just does things differently from its competitors. Though the show is classified as educational, viewers won’t find counting, reading, alphabets, or numerals in most episodes of Bluey. Those things are not the focus of the show.

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new episodes of bluey

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

Rather, fans of the show enjoy watching lots of imaginative play, communication, including the honest sharing of feelings between family members and the modeling of good behavior and appropriate responses to challenges. These elements come together in a brilliantly cohesive mix that serves to teach little ones–and other viewers as well–what it means to be a member of a family and how to interact with others socially.

The show also touches on good hygiene, self-esteem, and the like–though not in a mundane or off-putting way.

Now, however, news of the Bluey character exhibiting extremely off-putting behavior has surfaced, though the show itself, which is produced by Ludo Studio in Brisbane, Australia, has nothing to do with it.

bluey and bingo and map of Israel. Israel loves bluey

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio/Canva

According to YNetNews, Bluey is popular in Israel, just like it is in other countries. But in recent days, Bluey “has found herself at the center of a political and fashion storm in the past week due to the Israel-Hamas war.”

That’s because pro-Palestinian activists living in Australia have begun producing a T-shirt that depicts Bluey and her canine friends holding up a sign that reads, “From River to Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.”

The slogan is anti-semitic in nature, calling for the nation of Israel to be eliminated, according to YNetNews. The Bluey character is also depicted with a keffiyeh around her neck, which is a Muslim head covering that has increased in popularity since the war began on October 6, 2023, after Hamas attacked and killed attendees at an outdoor musical event.

bluey t-shirt with antisemitic slogan

Credit: Screenshot/Free Palestine Printing

On Monday, the t-shirt was removed from a website selling the shirts following a complaint made by BBC Studios, which owns the distribution rights to Bluey. A spokesperson for BBC Studios said the studio did not authorize the use of the beloved blue heeler puppy or her friends to be used in this manner.
“This is an unlicensed seller and counterfeit product,” said a spokesperson for the BBC. “BBC Studios strongly disapproves of any unauthorized use of Bluey, and our brand protection team is taking appropriate action.”
bluey is sad

Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

According to The Australian, members of the Jewish community living Down Under began to accuse the BBC of trying to create a rift between Jewish children and non-Jewish children with the Bluey-themed antisemitic t-shirt.
“These agents of division are corrupting our children’s hearts and minds and are exploiting a much-loved Australian children’s icon that represents kindness, fun, and innocence for their warped, ugly cause,” said Dvir Abramovich, chairman of Australia’s Anti-Defamation Commission.
He continued, saying, “Jewish parents are already concerned about their children’s safety, and in a climate of escalating anti-Semitism and a growing rhetoric of intolerance and radicalization, such malevolent methods only stoke the fires of divisiveness and foment hostility against one group.”
YNetNews reports that the now-removed anti-semitic apparel had created an “uproar” in Australia.

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