We Have Disney’s ULTIMATE Theme Park Snack Hack!

Disneyland Cheesy Garlic Bread in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle and the partners statue at Disneyland
Credit: Disney Dining

One of the great things about visiting a Disney theme park is that there is no shortage of amazing things to eat. Disney parks are known for things like DOLE Whips, Mickey Premium Bars, Mickey-shaped pretzels, and so much more. Over at Disneyland Resort, guests can treat themselves to hand-dipped corn dogs, Monte Cristo Sandwiches, pickle corn dogs, beignets, and a wide variety of specialty churros, just to name a few.

Disneyland Monte Cristo Sandwich

Credit: Disney

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One of the newer snacks that is an absolute hit at The Happiest Place on Earth is cheesy garlic bread. Served on a warm pretzel roll and full of ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese and butter, it can be found at Edelweiss Snacks and Maurice’s Treats, both located in Fantasyland.

The cheesy garlic pretzel bread is scrumptious enough on its own, but someone has figured out the ultimate Disney hack to take your garlicky treat to the next level.

A close-up image of a garlic bread loaf on a white parchment paper. The bread, reminiscent of a Disneyland cheesy garlic bread sandwich, is sliced partially, stuffed with melted, creamy garlic and herb spread, and has a golden-brown crust. The parchment paper has a hexagonal pattern printed on it.

Credit: MainStreetDisneyDuo Instagram

And now, we are going to share that hack with you!

Here’s what you want to do. Head to Edelweiss Snacks or Maurice’s Treats and purchase your cheesy garlic bread. Then, you’ll want to make your way over to Adventureland. There, you’ll get in line at the beloved eatery, Bengal Barbecue. You’ll order your favorite skewer from the menu — a chicken skewer, a beef skewer, a pork belly skewer, or a veggie skewer. There is even a bacon-wrapped asparagus skewer!

A wooden tray holds a meal with white rice, two types of skewers with sauce, and a side of coleslaw. Nearby, there's a plate with two fresh spring rolls and another plate with a skewer of grilled meat garnished with herbs and pickled vegetables, reminiscent of the delightful fare you'd find at Disneyland.

Credit: DisneyHungry Instagram

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Once you have your skewer and your garlic bread, simply unwrap the garlic bread and split it down the middle. Then, take the meat or veggies off of the skewer and put it into the garlic bread.

And, voila! You have an absolutely mouthwatering sandwich that you can only get at Disneyland!


Okay, Disneyland, when is this hitting the actual menu because this is the best snack in the park! #disneyland #disneysnacks #disneyadult #disneyhacks

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Now, as we said, you can order whatever skewer you like at Bengal Barbecue, but the general consensus seems to be that the sandwich is the best when the garlic bread is paired with the Bengal Skewer. The perfectly cooked beef skewer is covered in Zulu sauce, giving it an extra kick of flavor.

This cheesy garlic bread hack has skyrocketed in popularity and is so in demand that some people don’t realize the garlic bread is not served at Bengal Barbecue.

Next time you are headed to the SoCal theme park, be sure to try this incredible sandwich hack!

Have you created your own Bengal Barbecue garlic bread sandwich? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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