Disney Springs Bakery Reportedly Exposed for Rotten Food & Employee Discrimination

Disney Springs bakery exposed

Walt Disney World Resort is known for its delicious bites and sips spread throughout the property. From Disney Parks to Resorts, and Disney Springs, there is no way for Guests to go hungry. But, a Disney Springs bakery is reportedly being exposed for serving rotten food and employee discrimination.

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Disney Springs has recently stepped up its dessert game! The shopping, entertainment, and dining district is known for sweet treats from locations such as Amorette’s Patisserie, Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC, Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, The Ganachery, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, Gideon’s Bakehouse, Sprinkles, Swirls on the Water, and more.

Several viral videos surfaced about a Disney Springs bakery providing Guests with old, stiff, and rotted food for its ingredients. Furthermore, the person posting the videos claims to be told they were “too autistic” to work at the location.

There are several recent videos posted to a new TikTok account called @exposingjobs. First, we see a video of “brick cupcakes” to be sold:

Another video below shows milk being left out and the creator noting, “They were expecting this to be used.”

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The video below shows the Cast Member showing its “brick eclairs,” saying, “This is a daily thing”:

Moving away from the food discussion, a video is posted showing two people sitting on a bench at Disney Springs. The video states, “When a coworker’s bf records you as your manager tells you that you’re “too autistic” to work anywhere that’s not your home.” Here’s the video below:

And it doesn’t stop there. Another video shows multiple images of food and food storage saying, “Rotten food, metal residue on food, broke equipment, mold in coffee machine, split frostings, items within food, leaving food uncovered to be used the next day, old batches mixed with new batches, ingredients expired found months later all to be sold to the guests… etc.” Here’s the video below:

The creator goes on to report that specific allergen-free items are being put together with items that have that allergen in the video below:

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Lastly, the video below shows an extremely dirty floor that the creator says has “been sitting there for years.”

While the creator of the videos never openly states she was working for Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC in The Landings portion of Disney Springs, from the videos, viewers have picked up on the clues. Not only that, but the creator isn’t correcting Eric McKenna’s Bakery assumptions in the responses.

We will be sure to keep Disney Dining readers updated as we learn more about these alleged reports of the exposed Disney Springs bakery.

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