Magic Kingdom

“The Most Magical Place on Earth!” Welcome to Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park. Here is the latest in Magic Kingdom Park news, dining, attractions, and beyond.

You Might Be a Disney Parks Fan, But You’re No “Firesheets”

earth with mickey mouse ears and disney castle and mission: complete words

A Disney Parks enthusiast with an appetite for adventure and an apparent immunity to jetlag has achieved a goal that many fans thought would prove to be the impossible feat. RELATED: Those “Disney Adults” Are Awful Human Beings. And Some Are Barely Human at All Nathan Firesheets is a Disney fan–specifically, a Disney Parks rides fan. Over the past few ...

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Unique View Shows Walt Disney Imagineering Hidden In Plain Sight as Demolition of Splash Mountain Continues

Earlier this year, on January 23, Disney history was made as Splash Mountain closed its doors forever. This classic attraction was well beloved for many years. But after considering how offensive the source material has been toward the African American community, the Walt Disney Company decided to retheme the log flume ride entirely. READ MORE: Fans Are Begging Disney to Put ...

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VIDEO: Disney Cast Members Fall to Their Knees Seeing This Fireworks Show

cast members react to happily ever after fireworks

The return of this beloved fireworks show at the Walt Disney World Resort has Disney Cast Members falling to their knees, singing, chanting, and dancing for the first time in forever. RELATED: Disney World to Celebrate Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary, IF the Park’s Still Open By Then Walt Disney World has no shortage of wonderful experiences. Indeed, as the Most Magical ...

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Disney’s Upcoming TRON Roller Coaster to Open Weeks Ahead of Debut Date

tron lightcycle run limited offer

Walt Disney World Resort’s newest attraction is one of the most long-awaited experiences the company has ever produced, and it’s not even out yet! …Or is it? READ MORE: This Brand New Animatronic Is Already Experiencing Drastic Technical Difficulties Disney fans had to wait five years for construction on Magic Kingdom’s TRON Lightcycle Run to finally finish. The roller coaster was ...

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Disney World Takes Steps to Move Forward with New Themed Land at Magic Kingdom

cinderella castle at magic kingdom with maleficent castle in the background and maleficent

Disney is taking steps to move forward with the addition of a brand-new, long-awaited themed land inside Magic Kingdom. RELATED: Disney World Unveils Less Expensive Ticket Option for Guests, But There’s a Massive Catch For years, Disney World Guests have daydreamed about being part of Ursula’s world, taking on the monsters of the deep and playing silent apprentice to her ...

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Construction Set to Begin at Disney World’s Most Popular Attraction

disney world balloons and magic kingdom welcome sign

Construction is set to begin at one of the most iconic and popular attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort, but news of the construction is creating more questions than answers. RELATED: Disney Unveils New, Less-Expensive Ticket Option for Guests at Disney World Disney World is home to four theme parks, two water parks, a dazzling shopping, dining, and entertainment ...

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Disney Genie+ Service Sells out… Again

a phone in front of cinderella castle with disney genie logo

Today ended up being a dissapointing one for Guests hoping to use the Disney Genie+ Service at Walt Disney World Resort. This week, spring break is taking place for schools all over the country. As the crowds begin the flock to Walt Disney World to celebrate vacation time in the warm Florida air, the Park is met with a supply ...

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