Magic Kingdom

“The Most Magical Place on Earth!” Welcome to Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park. Here is the latest in Magic Kingdom Park news, dining, attractions, and beyond.

CONSPIRACY: Did Disney PLAN the Downfall of Splash Mountain?!

tiana splash mountain theory

When it comes to Disney, its fanbase will undoubtedly catch on to every small move the company makes. Disney fans love a good conspiracy theory, especially involving a high-profile ride and movie. One of the big Disney stories of the last year has been the closing of the iconic but controversial theme Park ride Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain has been ...

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NEW Disney100 Popcorn Bucket Is Nicer Than Most Cars

Disney100 Cinderella Coach Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn is probably the least exciting food to buy at Disney Parks. Sure, it’s a classic and always a reliable treat, but with the abundance of Disney-themed treats, popcorn sometimes pales in comparison. The ever-imaginative designers at Disney found a profitable way to circumvent the potential food boredom by creating the most beautiful popcorn bucket known to man. Feast your ...

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Disney World EXCLUSIVE ‘Star Wars’ Treats For May the Fourth!

Walt Disney World 'Star Wars' treats May the 4th Darth maul amadala

May the Fourth is almost upon us and the Disney Parks Star Wars treats have just been announced. There are some new offerings this year and some familiar favorites to look forward to! Here’s a list of the galactic snacks shooting over to Disney World Resort in Florida just in time for the fan-favorite holiday! All the Star Wars Goodies Available at ...

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Attention Star Command! Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin Is Currently Facing Technical Difficulty!

buzz lightyear featured image

Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom is home to six different neighborhoods: Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and of course, Tomorrowland. Each neighborhood harbors different shops, eateries, and attractions all themed to the respective neighborhood’s aesthetic. But Tomorrowland may be one of the most unique of Magic Kingdom’s themed areas. READ MORE: Heartwarming Character Interaction Proves You’ll Always ...

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The Very Merry UnBirthday Party Comes to a Halt at Walt Disney World

When it comes to Walt Disney World, the most quintessential rides lie in wait at Magic Kingdom. READ MORE: Is Something Wrong With This Classic Fantasyland Attraction? These are the classic Disney attractions, the ones that everyone thinks of when they think of the theme park. The list includes Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, “it’s ...

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Cast Members Make Mother of Gothic Baby Cry at Walt Disney World

Mother Reby Hardy and Gothic Baby Haunted Mansion experience Walt Disney World Florida

Walt Disney World Resort welcomed a new honorary member into the Haunted Mansion Caretaker Team. The first thing Cast Members said upon seeing Gothic Baby was “You need to follow me like RIGHT NOW.” This is probably because TikTok’s Gothic Baby was dressed in a perfect replica of her own toddler-sized Haunted Mansion ride attendant costume. Obviously, it was adorable. ...

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Disney’s Servers Face MAJOR Technical Outage

Family with Cell phone at Magic Kingdom

This has been a rough month for Disney… The Walt Disney Company has always taken on challenges head-on, and its approach to solving issues is usually efficient and seamless. Unfortunately, the past few weeks have exposed the cracks in Disney’s system. Last week, Guests visiting Disneyland Park were restricted from entering the Park twice due to power outages and other technical breakdowns. ...

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Disney Gets Rid of Annual Pass Virtual Queue

Disney Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passes have been on sale for almost a week. That sentence alone is shocking to us. At Disneyland, Magic Keys sell out within hours. We fully expected a similar situation on the East Coast. Disney has limited how many Annual Passes it will sell. In the past, sales were basically unlimited. You could buy a Disney World ...

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Guests HORRIFIED by Disney’s Shooting Range

Disney shooting range

Yes, you read that right. Today, Disney Parks are known as wholesome, family-friendly entertainment. Every year, millions of Guests choose Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort as the perfect place for a safe and magical vacation. Guests love to escape the darkness of our world and instead live in the joyful “Disney Bubble.” This is why fans will be ...

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The U.S. President Who HAUNTS Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Presidents haunted mansion

Calling all Haunted Mansion fans! There is so much lore and mystery around Disney’s most spooky attraction. The Haunted Mansion has spooked Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Guests for decades. Super fans of the ride love dissecting every detail, and many feel they know all of the lore surrounding it. However, there is one fact about Haunted Mansion ...

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