Disney Official Shares Public Apology Following “Sexual Harassment” Incident During Parade

Tokyo Disneyland Incident
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Disney has clearly heard the concerns regarding a recent viral video.

Right now, the Disney theme parks worldwide are in the middle of their holiday celebrations. As the holiday season approaches, each Disney Park transforms into a winter wonderland, captivating guests with dazzling decorations and cheerful ambiance.

For many guests, each Park’s Christmas Parade is the perfect embodiment of this Yuletide spirit. The parades feature an array of beloved Disney characters dressed in their festive attire, dazzling floats adorned with sparkling lights and ornaments, and captivating music that fills the air with merriment.

While these parades are usually fun and family-friendly for all, that was unfortunately not the case when it came to a recent viral video of a parade at Toyko Disney.

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Exterior of Castle at Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Inappropriate Parade Video Draws Attention Online

A video of the Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Parade has received major backlash for its mature nature. In the video, a reindeer performer can be seen lifting up the skirt of Minnie Mouse as she appears on a parade float above. Many guests found this video to be concerning as this behavior seems out of place for a family-friendly location like this Disney theme park.

Since the social media video began circulating, more questions have arisen about the intent behind this incident. Was this part of the choreography? Was this the character performer’s choice? Many fans looked to Disney leadership for answers.

Now, the operator of Tokyo Disneyland has made a public apology for the incident, which has been criticized by fans as a moment of sexual harassment. 

OLC Responds to Concerned Fans

Oriental Land Co, the operator of Tokyo Disney, has issued a public apology to fans who feel upset after seeing the parade video. The statement said,

“We caused some of our customers to feel uncomfortable. We apologize.”

No mention of whether this was choreography or an accident has been revealed.

Minnie Mouse Disneyland Paris Halloween

Credit: Disney

As the Christmas and Holiday seasons progress, everyone hopes that this means the end to this baffling parade moment. Hopefully, this incident will not reoccur, and the Disney Parks can continue to be a happy, wholesome place for every guest.

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