Predictions Revealed: Dates to Avoid “Explosive” Hurricane Season at Disney World

Cinderella Castle with Hurricane to the side
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If you are traveling to Walt Disney World Resort this hurricane season, things are predicted to get a little explosive.

Disney's Grand Floridian under a dramatic stormy sky with lightning. A Disney World monorail passes in front at dusk, and the hotel's many windows

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While Orlando is in Florida, the Sunshine State, things are not always sunny here. Due to its subtropical climate, rainfall is common throughout the year. On average, Orlando experiences about 117 rainy days per year, with the wettest months typically occurring from June to September during the peak of the summer season. However, rain showers can occur at any time of the year due to the region’s humid and moist conditions.

That is why you may notice that at Walt Disney World Resort, there are many indoor attractions with indoor or covered queues so that guests can enjoy the attractions without having to wait for the weather to affect operations.

haunted mansion storm

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AccuWeather has unveiled its seasonal forecast, anticipating a potentially active hurricane season this summer and fall. The season, spanning from June 1 to the end of November, may witness the early formation of tropical systems—storms deriving their energy from warm sea surface temperatures rather than weather fronts.

The forecast predicts the occurrence of 20 to 25 named storms, among which eight to 12 could intensify into hurricanes, with four to six of these potentially making direct impacts on the U.S. This projection contrasts with an average season, which typically sees around 14 named storms.

In comparison, the 2023 season recorded 20 named storms, including seven hurricanes. Hurricane Idalia emerged as the sole storm to make landfall in the U.S., striking the Big Bend region of Florida on August 30 as a Category 3 hurricane with winds reaching 125 mph.

“All indications are pointing toward a very active and potentially explosive Atlantic hurricane season in 2024,” said AccuWeather lead hurricane forecaster Alex DaSilva in a news release.

An essential metric used to gauge the strength of a hurricane season is the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), which quantifies the intensity and duration of tropical systems within the Atlantic Basin throughout a year.

Typically, a score of 123 is considered average. In the previous year, classified as above-normal by the National Weather Service, the ACE score reached 145.6. AccuWeather’s forecast suggests that this year’s ACE score could range between 175 and 225.

Last year, Hurricane Idalia was the only U.S. land-falling hurricane. It made landfall as a category-3 hurricane on August 30 near Keaton Beach, Florida, causing storm surge inundation of 7 to 12 feet and widespread rainfall flooding in Florida and throughout the southeast.

A dramatic image of Cinderella's castle at Disney World with dark, stormy skies and multiple lightning strikes illuminating the background.

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This came after a “time traveler” predicted that the worst hurricane ever would occur in the early fall of 2023. 

The time traveler predicted that a horrific category 6 hurricane would hit Florida on September 6, 2023. Considering that a category 6 hurricane does not even exist, many Floridians saw this as a hoax. The Saffir-Simpson Scale, which measures storm securities, only goes up to category 5.

As we shared, WESH predicted when some of the major hurricanes will hit Florida, “It appears South Florida will likely be hit between May 19-24, July 5-10, and August 21-27, based on patterns from previous years. Another pattern hits the Gulf and the Carolinas, and potential return dates for this part of the pattern include June 20-25, August 6-12, and September 22-29. Lastly, just Gulf Coast low patterns include warning dates of June 3-7, July 20-24, and September 4-9.”

Storm rolling in over Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

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Even if a strong hurricane does roll through Orlando this year, guests at Walt Disney World will certainly remain safe. The theme park is built with its buildings set to survive a category 5 hurricane (even Cinderella Castle), and cast members are trained to keep guests safe.

Their proficiency in handling hurricanes is so remarkable that numerous residents opt to book accommodations at a Disney Resort when anticipating the arrival of a severe storm. Therefore, if you find yourself visiting Disney World during hurricane season, take comfort in knowing that your stay at a Disney Resort hotel will provide you with safety and comfort should any severe storms impact Orlando during your visit.

Interestingly enough, while hurricanes are the more common tropical storm to hit Orlando, the city has been hit with multiple tornado watches and warnings over the recent weeks. Luckily, there has not been a tornado to actually touch down.

If you are visiting during hurricane season, you will certainly see rain during your vacation. If you want to be prepared, be sure to bring your own umbrella or poncho to avoid Disney’s upcharge cost on those items. It also is a good idea to wear waterproof sandals or to have a second pair of shoes with you if you are wearing running shoes, as the ground is uneven at the theme parks, and there is nothing worse than stepping into a pool of water while walking around EPCOT.

Have you ever visited Walt Disney World during hurricane season? What’s your advice? 

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