Disney Housekeeper Arrested for Stealing

Disney Housekeeper Arrested for Stealing

A Walt Disney World housekeeper has been arrested for stealing from hotel guests. Disney security worked with Osceola County detectives to set up a sting operation to catch Bruna Francois, 27, in the act, after several guests complained that money was stolen from them.

Detectives planted $400 in cash in a guest room safe and then set up a video surveillance of the room. The tape showed Francois getting into the safe and putting some of the money inside her cellphone case. Francois was charged with theft by a hotel employee. Osceola County sheriff’s spokeswoman, Twis Lizasuain, said, “She did not cooperate with the investigation and did not admit to taking the money.” Francois worked at Disney’s All-Star Resorts.  No further information has been released at this time.

Although the safe was not visible on the surveillance camera Francois as seen walking towards it.

When she walked away from the safe and back into the view of the camera she had cash in her hand, according to the arrest report.  A short while later, investigators who were in the room next door confronted Francois.  The hotel worker was an employee at Disney’s All Star Resort in Florida (picture

When investigators counted the money inside the safe, they found only $380.  Francois said she had never stolen money from a guest said she did not touch the money in the safe.  When investigators searched her belongings, they found a $20 bill that matched the serial number of the missing money.

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