Disney Fan Creates ‘The Happiest Workout on Earth’ In This Hilarious Viral Video

It’s no secret that working out is tough. Whether you’re using a machine at the gym or doing exercises at home, it can be less than easy. It requires self-discipline, self-motivation, and a lot of hard work.

But one dedicated fan found a way to take the treadmill and totally Disney-ify it in this viral TikTok.

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In this silly video, TikTok user @kurttocci shows what different Disney characters would look like if they used the treadmill for a workout.

First, he begins with Aladdin, who is gleefully running away with a stolen loaf of bread and a watermelon in his hands.

Then, he shows what the dynamic duo from the Toy Story series would look like using the treadmill. He absolutely nails Sheriff Woody’s wacky ragdoll run and Buzz Lightyear’s sturdy action figure stride.

woody and buzz running

Credit: Disney

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After that, Kurt rhythmically dances across the treadmill as the lead boy from the High School Musical series, Troy Bolton.  But easily, one of the funniest gags of this video is the flying carpet from Aladdin (1992), which smoothly flies over the exercise machine.

Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Lumiere onstage

Credit: Playbill

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Up next is Lumière from Beauty and the Beast (1991). But not just any Lumière, specifically an onstage version, which is strikingly similar to the Lumières you see when Beauty and the Beast is performed live on stage. Afterward, Hercules slowly strides across the treadmill, reaching outwards as he “Goes the Distance.

Another silly gag is Peter Pan, who hovers over the treadmill just like the magic carpet. Then, Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (1959) stays asleep as she rolls across the machine in what is easily the most relatable Disney character workout in the video.

captain jack sparrow running

Credit: Disney

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Gaston then marches across the treadmill, staring proudly at himself in the mirror in a genuinely Gastonian act of arrogance. Then Tarzan slowly walks across the treadmill on his feet and knuckles before jumping up onto the arm handles! Lastly, Captain Jack Sparrow wildly runs across the treadmill, flailing his arms and screaming as he flees.

Kurt Tocci has taken these iconic Disney character moments and turned them into ‘the happiest workout on Earth!’ The amount of effort and attention to detail that went into a one-minute video is true Disney dedication!

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