Disney Character Holiday Gift Exchange

Credit: DisneyDining

The holidays are fast approaching and I can hardly even believe it. Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas morning and we’ll be opening gifts and spending time with our friends and family. Of course, that requires Christmas shopping…I don’t know about you, but some of my very best friends are Disney characters and I would have to imagine that they’d throw a killer Christmas party, complete with gift exchange. But what do you give these amazing characters for a present?! If I had a gift exchange with Disney characters, these would be the gifts I would give them:

1. Roquefort, The Aristocats – Crackers and Cream

Roquefort is a devoted friend and loves Duchess and the kittens. But he always has to share their food with them. I think Roquefort would really love some crackers and cream all to himself!

2. Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean – Rum

I mean, no explanation needed, am I right? The rum seems to always be gone for Captain Jack. Christmas is a time of abundance. Jack would certainly appreciate an abundance of rum.

3. Fred, Big Hero 6 – The Avengers Movie Bundle

Fred is all about being the hero, which he is! I can totally picture Fred hunkering down in his mansion for an Avengers movie marathon, can’t you? And of course he’d know every detail by heart.

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4. Moana, Moana – A Ship Repair Kit

With all of this new exploring Moana is doing, her ships are bound to get beat up a bit. While the ocean can help her find her way and keep her on track, it might not be great with painting. So a repair kit could really come in handy!

5. Sven, Frozen – Carrots

Sven is a simple guy, which is why I love him so much. I would just love to see his face when opening a box containing dozens and dozens of carrots. I think that would hold him until about…December 26th!

6. Pooh, Winnie the Pooh – Honey

Much like Sven, Pooh is pretty single minded. Pooh’s got basically everything he’d need in the Hundred Acre Wood – except more honey! I think a couple dozen jars would do him some good and keep him from stealing everyone else’s!

7. Kermit, The Muppets – A New Banjo

Kermit’s been in the business for a long time. That banjo of his has been all over and seen just about everything. They have some really cool ones on the market now-a-days, a new one might sound good to a modern day Kermit.

8. Sadness, Inside Out – A Pillow

Let’s face it: Sadness needs some comfort. The number of times she falls on her face is unreal. I’d get her a nice big, fluffy pillow to fall on so her sadness can at least be cozy.

9. Remy, Ratatouille – A Recipe Box

Remy doesn’t really need a cookbook because he creates all of his own masterpieces. But he should have a really cool place to record them! It wouldn’t need to be very big because, obviously, neither is he, but I think he’d love it!

10. Belle, Beauty and the Beast – The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Belle is like the biggest reader out there, and we know she loves Shakespeare because she read Romeo and Juliet to Beast. So The Complete Works would give her a ton of brilliant, classic reading material!

11. Rapunzel, Tangled – Paint Set

Now that Rapunzel lives in the palace, think of all that wall space to paint! She definitely needs some new paints to liven things up! Where else would she illustrate all of her new dreams?

12. Judy, Zootopia – A Daily Planner

Judy is a planner. A hop-to-it gal, if you will. She’s got a lot of important jobs and responsibilities now that she’s on the force. I would get her a new daily planner with places to check off new goals!

13. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty – Coffee

I’m not sure if this would be considered genuine or a gag gift, but Aurora needs some coffee. I mean, really, get some caffeine into this girl’s system. I bet she’s going to be skeptical about going to sleep ever again. This’ll help.

14. Meeko, Pocahontas – A Gift Card to a Buffet

This little guy eats anything and everything. What could possibly be more appropriate for him than an all you can eat buffet? I doubt he’d even make it back to his table….

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