Dear Fellow Disney World Guests: Don’t Throw Away the Face Masks Just Yet!

guests wearing masks
Credit: Disney

It’s no secret that the recent COVID-19 pandemic was a chapter in the world’s shared history that we’re all trying to forget and move on from. Unfortunately, it seems that nearly everything went wrong during the pandemic.


Credit: Disney

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Instead of coming together, many of us were driven apart. After spending nearly two years in quarantine, lockdown, and trying to avoid as much contact with strangers as possible, it seems that we’ve all come out the other side a little more selfish than we were at the start.

That being said, we’re going to have to be a little more selfless and a lot more self-aware if we’re going to move forward.

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It’ll come as no surprise to hear that Walt Disney World Resort is an absolute hub for illness. Whether riding on Disney transportation or meandering inside a Disney Park, social distancing is no more.

As a result, many Guests catch anything from a cold, the flu, a stomach virus, or even COVID while visiting Disney World.

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So, although it’s an unpopular opinion, it must be said: PLEASE WEAR A FACE MASK IF YOU’RE VISITING WALT DISNEY WORLD AND FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER. It’s a selfless act that’ll keep everyone around you safer, including children and infants.

Although COVID may not be on our minds as often as it was a year or two ago, other illnesses should always be on our minds. Nobody wants to return from their Disney World vacation with the flu, the stomach virus, strep, or, goodness forbid, COVID.

Children with Masks on at Disney

Credit: Disney

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In conclusion, wearing a face mask will keep yourself and others more protected from various sicknesses, and it’s not a practice that we should forget so quickly, especially in a place as crowded as Walt Disney World.

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