Day 4 – Marvel Day at Sea on the Disney Magic Cruise Line

This is the fourth day of my first ever cruise. It is also Marvel Day at Sea, which is a brilliant idea. It is a chance to celebrate all things Marvel throughout the ship. Disney knows how to show everyone a great time! You do not need to be a Marvel fan in order to enjoy all that is going on.


We started the day with New York Heroic Encounters. Disney doesn’t like to call them meet and greets when they involve Marvel characters, they are heroic encounters since it’s your chance to meet a hero. This was a free photo opportunity but tickets were needed. We met Spiderman, Black Panther, and Iron Man. D Lounge was turned into a scene from a superhero movie. This was a fun Heroic Encounter, and the interaction with the heroes was wonderful. It was enjoyable to watch the kids in line as they got to meet these larger than life characters.

Next on our schedule was another heroic encounter. This time we got to meet Groot. I met Baby Groot back when there was a meet and greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it was so different to meet this version. I really enjoyed this one.

Part of Marvel Day at Sea was looking for roving characters. They would hang out in the same general area, but they weren’t really forming lines. The character would stop and take a few pictures and talk to some people, then move to a different area. There were also plenty of more organized meet and greets. Thor was quite popular, drawing lines well before he was set to appear. Captain Marvel, Loki, and Captain America were among the other heroes that were greeting.


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I’m part of a media group that was invited and hosted by Disney. One of the things that was arranged for us today was a sneak peek at some of the food items for dinner the night of Marvel Day at Sea. Included for the dinner are Marvel themed items such as Wakandan Piri Piri and Dr. Banner’s Greens and Lobster Salad. On specialty nights like Marvel Day at Sea and Pirate Night the menu is the same at any of the three main restaurants. It doesn’t matter which one you’re assigned to dine in.

All day long there were special activities for Marvel Day at Sea. Guests could try their hands at Marvel Trivia, learn to draw a Marvel character, and even take part in the Marvel Super Fan Challenge.

Around 1:30 or so things changed, because Mickey and the gang showed up. They were dressed as their favorite Marvel characters as well. There were several picture opportunities with two characters at a time, but guests were warned ahead of time to keep the line moving. There was interaction with the characters, but the time with each set was short so that more people could get their pictures.

In the Walt Disney Theatre today was a live show called Doctor Strange Journey Into the Mystic Arts. It was kind of the Marvel version of Jedi Training at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Doctor Strange taught a group of kids about traveling through a portal, and then he was called away on business. Of course something then went wrong, but Doctor Strange returned just in time to save the day. It was a cute show. Photography is not allowed during performances, which is why no pictures are being added from the live shows. One thing that we learned is that sorcerers shouldn’t slouch.

We had dinner tonight at Animator’s Palate. It was the Marvel themed dinner, and it was a lot of fun. We’re eating there tomorrow night as well, and that will be a “normal” experience in the restaurant. After that we went to a deck party hosted by Mickey, in which he and his friends wore costumes to show their favorite Marvel characters.

The highlight of the day was arguably Marvel Heroes Unite. This is a show that is held on the deck that featured many of the most important characters in the Marvel universe. The story was that a new power source had been developed, and that was just too tempting for Loki. There was fighting, humor, flying, and fireworks. Of course good prevailed in the end. There was also a video appearance by the late, great Stan Lee. The crowd went crazy when he appeared on the Funnel Vision screen.


Marvel Day at Sea would be a blast for anyone, even someone who does not know Marvel well. Tomorrow is Castaway Cay. That should be a small slice of paradise.

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