Classic EPCOT Attraction FINALLY Receives Some Much-Needed Touch-Up

journey into imagination with figment
Credit: Jill Bivins

After sitting seemingly abandoned for years, one of Walt Disney World’s most niche attractions has just received some new touch-ups.

epcot spaceship earth

Credit: Brian McGowan

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When it comes to Walt Disney World, there’s a plethora of attractions that are a little niche and divisive. If an attraction isn’t an immediate show-stopper, such as the Haunted Mansion or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, then it’s immediately up for debate amongst Disney fans.

And nobody is more passionate about nostalgic rides than Disney fans.

Attractions such as “it’s a small world,” and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room may seem divisive at first, but they don’t even hold a candle to the reputation surrounding Journey Into Imagination With Figment.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment at EPCOT

Credit: Disney

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Journey Into Imagination With Figment has a long-winded history full of minute changes and less-than-minute reactions. Currently, the attraction has amassed a cult following, especially for its star dragon, Figment.

Despite how much Guests seem to love this simple dark ride, it’s been…neglected as of late.

Although the attraction is woefully outdated, especially compared to all the new attractions infiltrating the Disney Park, Guests cannot get enough of Figment and his shenanigans.

Credit: Disney

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As a result, tons of fans want nothing more than for Journey Into Imagination With Figment to receive some much-needed TLC, which seems like that’s finally happened.

Twitter user @Bioreconstruct, one of the best theme park photographers around, recently visited the EPCOT attraction and noticed something entirely new:

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In this Tweet, we can see the before and after pictures regarding these Figment posters. While it’s not a huge change, it’s comforting to know that this attraction hasn’t been entirely abandoned.

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