Celebrate Paella Fest 2023 at Jaleo Disney Springs

Paella cooking at Jaleo Disney Springs
Credit: Jaleo
Experience the taste of Spain with Jaleo Disney Springs’ Paella Fest, featuring two full weeks of limited edition paellas beginning on September 18. Join the renowned brand as it celebrates over 20 years of its expert chefs crafting delectable versions of the traditional paella.
Paella Valenciana Jaleo Disney Springs

Credit: Jaleo

World Paella Day

This year’s celebration falls on World Paella Day, September 20, 2023. This day honors the Valencian dish that has transcended all borders, becoming one of the most internationally recognized delicacies.
Jaleo’s Paella Fest will feature a specific paella dish each day, cooked to savory perfection on a wood-fire grill in the restaurant’s fire kitchen. Dishes include fan favorites like Paella Valenciana, the classic dish of chicken, rabbit, and artichokes, plus interesting creations like the Fideuá Negra con Pescado y Mariscos, featuring thin pasta in squid ink, sepia sofrito, baby squid, and branzino with saffron aioli.

Wood-Fired Paella Menu

Paella at Jaleo Disney Springs with Jose Andres

Credit: Disney

Rotating Daily Menu

  • Monday: Arroz con Verduras (Paella of seasonal vegetables)
  • Tuesday: Arroz con Pollo y Verduras (Paella of chicken, vegetables, and mushrooms)
  • Wednesday (World Paella Day): Paella Valenciana (A true classic of chicken, rabbit, and artichokes)
  • Thursday: Arroz a Banda con Gambas (Paella of sepia sofrito and head-on shrimp)
  • Friday: Alcachofas y Setas (Rice with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and piquillo peppers)
  • Saturday: Bogavante y Costillas (Rice with vegetable sofrito, cuttlefish, pork ribs, and whole lobster)
  • Sunday: Fideuá Negra con Pescado y Mariscos (Thin pasta in squid ink, sepia sofrito, baby squid, and branzino with saffron aioli)

Paella with Jaleo’s Ramon Martinez

Ramon Martinez Jaleo Disney Springs

Credit: Disney

Chef Ramon Martinez, Senior Director of Culinary at Jaleo, discussed his expertise on Paella and how Jaleo Disney Springs prioritizes presenting the dish authentically.

“Paella started in a very humble way, in Valenciana,” says Chef Martinez. “It’s made with chicken, rabbit, and romano beans, but when you make something else and call it paella, Valencian people will tell you it’s not paella; it’s arroces.”

Chef Martinez also spoke to the team at Jaleo led by José Andrés.

“José is all about authenticity. When I arrived here, José would bring chefs from Spain to show us how to cook paella, and for him, it was important to make everything, not just paella, as authentic as possible.”

You can join Chef Andrés, Chef Martinez, and the team at Jaleo Disney Springs for Paella Fest this September. To be part of the festivities, make your reservations here. 

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