Bongo’s Cuban Cafe at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs Expected to Close This Year

Bongo’s Cuban Cafe has been a part of Disney Springs since 1997.  The location was around before Disney Springs was created and the area used to be known as Downtown Disney.  The restaurant features amazing Cuban food and is owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan.  If you venture over to the West Side area of Disney Springs you will find the multi-story location.  At night there will be lively music and fun happenings, too.  We have hears that the restaurant made announcements to the employees that the location will be closing later this year.  The current plan is to move the restaurant off of Walt Disney World property and move it to the Margaritaville Resort.  These are still grumblings and rumors at this point as at the time of this posting, we haven’t seen an official announcement.



It will be sad to see the restaurant go since it is one of the restaurants that has been in the area the longest, but we are sure that Disney will fill the spot with another fabulous location or experience for guests to enjoy.  There have been a lot of new restaurant additions to Disney Springs, so it is possible that Bongos didn’t get the attention that it used to.  As always, we will keep you all posted on any new information and details that we learn about the closing and what is expected to take over the location.

What do you all think about the possibility of Bongo’s Cuban Cafe closing?  Was this a must-visit dining location for your family?


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